Beautiful Things


One for Tangerine Davros - the superb stained glass in this mosque…


Nothing comes close to teaching smart people two-way (not just presenting the subject to them, but having to deal with their problems) for keeping you up to the mark. I was lucky enough to teach at uni for a while. They were courses that I had sat as an undergraduate myself just a few years before, and I thought I’d got to grips with the subjects. Boy, did teaching them correct that illusion !



Same here with teaching student physiotherapists in the NHS.
26 weeks per year of teaching for negligible reimbursement.
But coming up with answers to bright, inquiring minds certainly helps keep you thinking!


I find “ask your mum” used to work in most cases.







I know I posted this up before although it might have been on t’wam but it still amazes me - a stunning looking beastie

Giant Leopard Moth


Oh yeah! That is definitely a Star Wars moth. Probably from Hoth. Blue spotted Hoth Moth.


Jaguar XK 140



Hand made beauty


I found this mesmerising. Unless you can understand German, this really gets interesting from 1:30…

Proper craftsmanship.


Aurora over Iceland.



Astonishing, would be great for a bakeoff ! I know this makes me look sad, but i noticed a pair of old Kef Refs in one of the pics…


Saw the Kefs, but what are the speakers in the study/office?


I couldn’t identify them . We need Bob ICHM !


It looks like what it is - a cement works overgrown with trailing plants.

Interesting - yes. Beautiful - no.


Does intriguing lie between these two?