Bob's new wagon


The key is ‘were reliable’. by all accounts the modern stuff is not so good, probably because of cost cutting to compete.

I’d argue if you want reliable, then Japanese, or even Korean, are the way to go these days. (Unless you’re a badge snob)


I had an RX7 :grinning:


I can see me buying a Korean car next time. Never thought id say that.




I can’t help it :sunglasses:


Sorry Jim, always had a hang up about BMW’s. It used to be Volvo that would cut you up, push in and tailgate, then it was BMW, now it’s Audi, all three off the list I’m afraid purely because of my own perception. I’m sure you’re a nice guy and use your indicators. :grin:

My S-Type ( shite- type) cost me a fortune in repairs, the worst car I have ever owned, I know the Jags moved on a bit since then, but I still have nightmares about that bloody car and marque. I literally could have bought the car twice over for what it cost to repair.


Also consider Ford. They’re good cars!


Buying privately I would look at Honda, Subaru, Toyota, Citroen and Nissan.


In another year or 2 when they’ve done a load more depreciating, I reckon the Mondeo Vignale will make a cracking used buy.


Citroen! You’re avin a bobble hat & scarf Bob…


Best include a stout pair of walking shoes if a shitroen is being considered.


I think the DS5 looks way cool, wouldnt go near one with my own hard earned though. Shame really.


One of my daughters has a Citroen DS3 1.6d and it’s bloody brilliant. Ms ICHM has a DS4 and that is also great, no trouble at all.


That is 100% consistent with my experience with Citroens. As long as it belongs to somebody else it is marvellous.


This forum needs more car threads. Car threads are good.


That is almost up in Astra territory.


S Types were awful things. I’ve had my XF for 2 years now with no hint of any issue. It’s been the most reliable car I have owned. Things have indeed moved on.


We need to know about the Merc you had before that though Nick…


The last one had was an older diesel c class. Great fuel consumption and a gearbox that liked to randomly go into neutral and not go back into gear until you stopped and restarted the engine. Made motorway driving challenging. Overall it was ok considering its age.


:flushed: Feck, I should imagine it did! Could you do that while moving or did you have to pull over every time?

Oh hold on, the word “stopped” might be a clue :laughing: