Bob's new wagon




My old BMW was inspected today for defects and the only thing that came up is that all 4 alloys are bubbling under the paintwork after three years, BMW quality that is. Fings ain’t what they used to be.


By comparison my '13 plate 53k mazda 6 feels tight as. Nothing broken no rattles.
No good for you (or me if I’m being picky), the seats are too short offering little in the way of support for long legs.

To add if you want rattles, try a high mileage saab 9-3 by far the worst car ive had. The dash sounded like a safari park on a cold morning.


Did you get it washed in a hand car wash place? They use cleaners on the wheels that will fuck the paint over time…


Washed, that is a new concept. The only time it got washed was when it went into a service at BMW.


That’ll be it then, if you don’t wash the brake dust off frequently, it will etch into the paint and they will need to use a much stronger cleaner to bring them back…

Either way, it’s your fault not BMW’s :sunglasses:


It was every 4 months.


Wheels washed every 4 months :roll_eyes: I rest my case…


Apply Poorboys wheel sealant once every 2 or 3 months and jobs a goodun.


To be fair BMW wheels are spectacularly shit.


Why just pick on the wheels?


Lol, I like my X3. To be fair it was free.


Free cars are brilliant :+1:




They’re nice cars, but I was disappointed that you weren’t in your 911 as I really wanted to have a look at it.
Another time perhaps.


OK, had it (Merc C220d estate) now for nearly two weeks and 1,000 miles;

Good points

  • getting 51 mpg on mixed driving for a brand new car
  • much more internal space
  • a lot quieter than the BMW 3 series
  • much more comfortable seat and driving position for me (6’4").
  • more toys, lots more toys
  • reversing camera is great and so are the all around proximity indicators
  • music system is far superior to the std BMW
  • it remembers the settings (hoo-fucking-ray), a vast improvement on the BMW which doesn’t.
  • you drive more sedately and slower in a Merc, definitely.
  • cruse control is great
  • handling in the wet is massively better than the BMW.
  • my dog loves it.

Not so good;

  • new 9 speed auto gearbox is not as smooth, especially at low speeds, as the old Merc 7 speed (seems like a marketing bastard ploy rather than an improvement)
  • having to use a key rather then the key being in your pocket, stupid I know.
  • as it’s new, the bastards at Merc have fucked with the engine to get the emissions right, so it’s a bit down on power / delivery compared to the old model I would say. The car feels heavier, more like an E class.
  • if you order one, get the bigger fuel tank, as the standard one is too small for long distance in a day stuff .
  • the control mechanism in the car is to time consuming and takes too long to process things, Merc have removed a lot of buttons and switches from the new cars to save costs, but the computing power and O/S are too slow.
  • engine is definitely not as pokey as the BMW
  • your partner thinks it’s an “old mans car”.


What settings Bob?

How do you work that one out?

Your old beemer was 8 speed, no?


My old BMW you had to set the wipers, driver profile and other settings every time you started it, as it went back to Eco and no wipers.

BMW was 8 speed, but my previous Merc C220d was 7 speed, which is what I was comparing it too.

Handling is definitely better in the wet, no sliding / jumping like the BMW. My previous Merc was the same in wet and snow. Handling in the dry is better in the BMW (just).


pfff I run a Lexus and a Kia so I’m golden.

I’ve owned 2 Lexus (an LS and an RX with no issues on either) and 3 korean (a hyundai sonata that was built like a tank, handled like a tank, had a tanks fuel economy and scuffed a bumper when it totalled some vauxhall thing that pulled out of a side road in front of me and 2 kia ceeds which have had issues but the 7 year warranty sorts it all out with no quibbles at all ).

Wouldn’t touch another french or german car with a bargepole. Every one I’ve had has been an unreliable money pit. Also Japanese diesels seem to be less than brilliant, certainly the Accord 2.2 ctdi I had was not as reliable as i’d been led to believe hondas were (petrol on the other hand i’d be ok with).