Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


Yes,look forward to that coming back to bite him soon.


Proof that the Germans don’t like it up 'em. I’ll forgive Boris that one :blush:


I do too, but I fear it won’t. He’ll just laugh it off. He doesn’t care much about his lying because he understands that his supporters don’t care much about it either.



Has he always been this incoherent or is the job getting to him?

I’ve tended to take little notice of him over the years.


I’m afraid that the complete bunch of worthless incompetents who are her competitors are the reason that May will survive. She’s not good. But they are a joke. (Then again, people voted for Trump.)



But he won’t challenge - the Tory party has a tradition of using a stalking horse to oust the incumbent, then the real players step in.


In public, yes. But behind closed doors the process is run on the basis that there are supposed to be some real players. If he were to be among those who ‘step in’ then we would have to assume that he was minded to do that in advance. Of course with Boris it’s hard to know what he’s minded to do. We all remember what happened last time there was a leadership contest.





Perhaps he’s suffering the same blood/sugar brain fade that was afflicting Diane Abbot? Maybe he should ask who her doctor is.

OTOH, perhaps he’s just an ill prepared arrogant cunt with nothing to excuse his incompetence.


Bullingdon stylee


Yes, can’t wait for Diane’s newly invigorated next public performance! :+1:


I think she may just be finished, with a nice job doing something not important in the West Indies I suspect.



She’s already been on a couple of times (do try to keep up) & newly invigorated would be a good description. But what’s Boris’s excuse?


Boris does not need an excuse to be a complete fucking idiot, he only needs the opportunity.


I’m out of the country (do try and keep up :wink:).

Did it involve numbers?


No. He went on radio 4 to discuss the contents of the Queen’s Speech and couldn’t remember the contents of the Queen’s Speech. He then gibbered on like a cunt in the hope of covering the fact he had made an arse of himself. Given his track record I presume would have done this whether or not he could remember the contents of the Queen’s Speech (not difficult as it contains very little legislation whatsoever).


I did actually catch Boris’s drivel, thanks, I think all or most politicians are talking various forms of garbage at the mo…

However the numbers remark was aimed at Ms Abbot…


I realise that you’ve been shivering away in some godforsaken snowbound hell hole and you have my sympathy, but surely you’ve been getting some news while tucked up with your Ovaltine. Have you managed to work out why, having apparently won the election, the Tories have ditched all their manifesto pledges & removed all traces of said document from their website? I was so looking forward to the sight of Amber Rudd ripping the dinner plates away from primary school kids while Boris & chums resume the urgent work of fox annihilation.


I have thanks, but nice of you to repeat it all… :+1: