Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


Amazed his business has lasted that long, should start growing plums, he certainly knows that market.


Mildly amusing personal attack on the Tory front bench by Marina Hyde in the Guardian:

I particularly like the bit about IDS who the author claims would “be intellectually outgunned by any of the runners at Royal Ascot this week”.

Beautiful work.



Indeed. Boris Johnson as “Britain’s foremost stupid-person’s-idea-of-a-clever-person”.




I thought that role belonged to Stephen Fry?



“Fair and serious” is the new “strong and stable”.

May is like a specacularly badly trained parrot.


Er, no. It’s their job to hold you incompetent cunts to account.



I think Stephen Fry is actually quite intelligent. He won a scholarship to Cambridge via the entrance exam and graduated with a 2.i in English (a subject for which the competition to get in is fierce). He’s clinically bipolar though, which can induce unwise behaviour. Boris Johnson also got a scholarship and a 2.i but in Lit Hum (called Classics everywhere else) at Oxford. To be honest the competition for Lit Hum places/scholarships is not nearly so fierce.



I would compare Fry and Johnson on humility. There is only one winner.


I have generally considered the main markers of intelligence to be curiosity, and the willingness to accept the possibility that stuff might be more complex than you think. BJ scores zero on the latter, for sure.



Watched the programme about how May became prime minuster on catch up. Would have been funny if it wasn’t true.



Very cogent article. It’s depressing that we’re losing these fine people. Sadly it’s no more than we deserve. They’ve been treated extremely shoddily.


Some of them are almost certainly arseholes, to be fair


Brexit, that.


or just a chukkout


If only true…


…but not a Chuka out…

…given he was the ringleader :thinking: