Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy



You can’t educate pork.


That Brexit vote is astonishing: 3 in 5 leave voters think “significant damage” to the UK economy is OK, and 2 in 5 that themselves or their family members losing jobs is. “I’ve got my triple-locked pension and own my own home, so fuck all of you.”

I can only stand aghast at the Daily Heil and Express, they clearly do their job incredibly well.


I’d call it Stockholm Syndrome but that probably sounds too foreign.


Then they, sir, are knobs of the highest order.

I blame Simon Cowell (amongst ,many others) because he’s a cunt .


They didn’t understand the question, just like the original Brexit referendum (vote, for the sake of clarity, for those who voted leave).


I think that part of the problem is that the referendum was too binary - people voted leave for many reasons and we don’t know what these reasons were. Something as nuanced as Brexit should not be decided in such a way - we should look at the individual issues and work out if there is a solution. Instead every single issue with people’s lives became a simple “Brexit’ll fix it” solution.


I think a bigger part of the problem was crass stupidity and racism.


…and the tendency of politicians, a shameful proportion of the media and certain other elements to pander to this.


Democracy - the worst form of government, except for all the others.



Can’t disagree with that. But as Scott Adams said …


Getting on for 80% of the press in this country is owned by billionaires who mostly live somewhere else. They buy influence. They sell lies.



I don’t see the value in fighting to remain in the single market, while leaving the EU. Democracy has not stopped (despite TM’s best efforts) , I think column inches like this would be better used preventing Brexit all together.

I’m for hard remain. :slight_smile:



Not harsh enough IMHO.



UK will ‘mirror’ much of EU customs system for Brexit, plans reveal

I’ve always thought the phrase “having your cake and eating it” rather odd - what else are you meant to do, cram it up your arse? That is the likely response from the EU on the “strategy paper” though.

In what dreamland are our negotiators? I so want some of their drugs.


Good drugs are always the answer IMV.


Buy them now because the import tariffs will put them out of reach for most of us


I wonder which part of ‘Citizens Rights, Financial Settlement & Irish border to be settled first’ David Davis is struggling to understand. They aren’t going to discuss our trading relationship until those issues are mostly resolved.

And yet more revelatory tweets about Davis from his former advisor James Chapman today. Some about his closeness to Andrew Neil and John Humphrys and some about his fondness for the drink. Doesn’t paint an inspiring picture of our chief negotiator.


He’s a privileged white male Tory. What else do you need to know?