Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


Not much point in nailing colours to masts until more is known about all aspects of any deal. Shrewd management of the event imho. Let’s see what intentions the Tories reveal next week. They own their mess 100% at the moment


This ^


Labour: principled until it gets a bit complicated.


Interesting, yet Corbyn and his accountant use that as the excuse to distance themselves from any mention of the single market. it’s no secret that the Left dislike the EU, they see them as center right corporate kiss ass technocrats at best. Looks like any old band waggon will do when you try to explain away your policy. New politics my arse!


Another politician cynically waiting to see which way the wind is blowing. As bad as fucking Mayhem. So much for principles - easily dropped when they become inconvenient to getting elected. He really is a cunt. Yes we need an alternative to the current shower of shit, but Corbyn isn’t it.


I’m interested. What principles can be clung to while the negotiations are stalled (on the money, rights and Ireland) & being undertaken in secret anyway? Are you suggesting that the UK should just agree at once to pay whatever sum the EU asks for with taxpayers money? Should they allow the ECJ to retain jurisdiction over EU citizens here? Should they agree to whatever border arrangements the EU insists on? And all without any guarantees of anything in return? What ‘principles’ exactly should they be applying even though they aren’t even participating in the negotiations. You can bet Starmer will have outlined a few positions that they might adopt should they get the responsibility but there’d be to mileage in going public with them at this moment.


No, simply expedient. In his position I’d be keeping shtumm and let the tories fall apart in their mess. The nationalisation lie is one oft parroted, and needs to be exposed for what it is. People are always coming out with it, and it’s toss.

Do you think Labour should step in and help? Why the fuck would they?

No matter what happens - in, out, referendum(s) this will be so toxic that any association should be avoided. Even if it goes nowhere on a further referendum (which looks increasingly likely, and would now definitely go the other way), what do you think the cost has been, will be, both financially and in terms of international reputation?
Step away from the car crash, guys.
Far better to let the Tories suck this one up unaided.

Incidentally, how many on here noticed the widely unreported descent by the UK from Moody’s credit rating Aa1 to Aa2 last friday? That speech in Florence went well, didn’t it? It was all you heard about, not it’s effects…


So they have no idea what sort of relationship with Europe would be preferred? And can’t possibly be discussed! Really? I’d be interested in his actual position and what sort of alternative vision Labour might present.


Again, why would they?


That’s leadership is it, hiding while the ship sinks? Anything as long as you don’t get blamed?

I agree the Tories need to take the flak for this one, but why let the country go down the pan at the same time.


Yeah, wait for the country to be destroyed and then pop up saying told you so, having done nothing to influence the outcome. Well done.

Unsurprising, though, as it allows the Tories to achieve his aim of brexit, while being able to deny any responsibility for the consequences



No, leadership is taking a year and a half to get nowhere, via a strong and stable election and bribing a bunch of racist terrorists to prop you up in power.


Give us a serious reflection on the role of principal in Tory policy making since 2015. Use a single sentence.




Hooked one. Took only about 5 minutes. :wink:


I was making :tea:


I never said anything about the Tories, they’re evil; Labour are incompetent.


Don’t forget cynical and undemocratic.


Would you like me to throw out some more bate? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:



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