Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


Actually the Tories are evil and incompetent


I shall count that as two then…


wriggle wriggle




You’re a mastur


You’re a master at that

or should it be mastur?

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I’m waiting with baited breath here.

(boilie on a hair rig if you’re interested)


It’s not a case of step away from it, they bloody well support leaving, always have done. Their rank hypocrisy stinks. No surprises, politics is a dirty game and Corbyn is good at it. Momentum even managed to keep it off the Labour conference floor this year,

The cost? Ask me that in 10 years.


Just so I’m clear, how much should our brave Brexit negotiators be offering Michel & co at this moment?
£80 Billion? £100 Billion? Will that represent good value for some as yet unspecified trading arrangement? How exactly should the Irish border work? Principled answers only please.

I heard an interviewer this morning asking some Labour spokesperson what their Brexit ‘plan’ was as if a quick response covering, trade, agriculture, fisheries, law, research, aviation, security and all of the other complexities could be trotted out in some glib one sentence sound bite.

As a separate issue how do our arms deals with the Saudi work? I thought individual EU members couldn’t negotiate such deals outside the bloc. But we, the French, the Swedes etc all seem to manage it.


There’s no burds in the tories now? Must stop fappin over Priti. :blush:


and again in 20 & it’ll be a different figure.


You mean the great leader doesn’t any more clue than the Tories (except let them have a stab at it first, so he Can wash his hands of the mess?) Quelle suprise.

Smooth operator and just cynical and unpleasant as anyone else in politics, despite the pretences.


I have a sneaking suspicion JC may have a slightly different view on immigration /asylum seekers to Mayday et al.


It seems there is a range of views in both parties ranging from pay them nothing (Rees Mogg, Dennis Skinner) to give them whatever they want. I’m not sure anyone actually knows what the settlement should be but it’s already apparent that holding back the amount is one of the UK’s few bargaining chips. If there is to be a deal done in the allotted time that figure will be one of the last details. Personally I don’t think a deal will be done & we’ll be defaulting to WTO rules with the UK’s credit worthiness trashed. Not a good situation at all.


As someone who doesn’t want Brexit, what May has done (intentionally or otherwise) is kick it down the road. In that sense, we’re more likely to gets a ‘neverbrexit’. This may or may not be a good thing as it causes uncertainly, but the longer it gets kicked, the less likely it is to actually happen.


I don’t believe Brexit will be achieved before the next GE

Who the fuck would want to win that (politically)?

Maybe that’s the plan after all…


"Instead, delegates chose Grenfell Tower, rail, growth and investment, public sector pay, workers’ rights, the NHS, housing and social care."
I’m good with that.


I wonder if came 9th, 10th or 11th on the list.

(ooh, so close just missed out)



Ahhh…the return of Swivelboy.
And he’s on form, coherent, sweet and pleasant.


Another Brexit apologist.