Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


^^ That.


Utter spineless bollocks


No, the spineless bollocks was May going along with an advisory referendum where a minority of the population voted for brexit to facilitate her power grab. Anyone with spine would have said, “Well that went well, didn’t it. Just as well it was only advisory. and just as well because it will divide and fuck the country”.
Now that would have been spine.


We all agree that May is useless and evil. It’s down to the opposition to do something about that, holding her and her party to account.


For “May” read “Tory Party” but your point still stands. Something HAS to be done.


Individually you could do this. I will be.


Amazing, and without a trace of irony or self awareness, it seems.


You already posted that.

And this is a different march.


Yes, I’m pointing out your appear to be utterly without self-awareness.

Gosh, is it?


Ahhh…I was worried it was Alzheimers.

Yes, it is different. If you look at the two, quickly, so you don’t forget the first, you’ll see this.


The lack of opposition to potential economic and social suicide is horrific. It seems these days political activism extends to intellectual snobbery and posting the odd meme. A tidy example of divided we fall. Division, difference, nationalism all pour into the same shit scented narcissistic “We are special” goblet.

I go along with much of JC’s ideals but it’s no secret he was all for leaving the EU. The thing is that with a potential crash in the already weakened economy many potential items on his ‘ideological wish list’ will be rather a moot point. Yes we have a housing crisis, yes the NHS is fucked - I do suffer from the concern that a country with less money will not be the best solution to address the issues which may well advance rapidly following the divorce.


Every time you’re asked to defend or justify Corbyn hiding and offering no leadership, your only recourse is to say how shit May is :roll_eyes:

We know how shit May is but you’re still unable or unwilling to explain how Corbyn’s gutless stance in the actual Brexit campaign, and now when an opposition is needed more than ever, in any way constitutes any sort of leadership.

Apparently you think this is ‘nous’ :joy:


Actually the job of the opposition is to oppose and improve upon Government policy. Having a bash at May is just a bonus.

I expected the opposition to really kick in at the committee stage, but the Government’s decision to gerrymander most of the Committees has done for a lot of that. The abuse of democratic process by the current Government is shocking. The failure of Labour and those few dissenting Tories) to deal with it is shameful.


The failure of Labour and those few dissenting Tories) to deal with it is shameful.

But nothing is going to change that, so, we ARE fucked.




Which reply to use…lets see…

As far as I’m concerned, I addressed what I thought in my long post. I don’t owe you any further explanation of what I think or why - if what I wrote doesn’t do it for you, well jog on, mate.

Or I could quote from Swivelboy, master of…I dunno, bation maybe…

Eat a bag of dicks. That better?

Decisions, decisions…


Well, you got two things right. it begins with ‘b’ and ends with ‘n’.


You’ve answered nothing but said plenty - can’t justify any of your delusions and resort to silly insults. Well done you.


Mmmm…petulance becomes you. Now, how’s that jogging doing?