Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


‘Fiddle’ will be back to counter that by telling you how much of a cunt May is.

She may well be, but hey, it’s a good way to sidetrack.


He beat me to it with more (different) wank



You seem confused about the difference between being a cunt, and being a troll.

JC acting as messiah to a cult won’t hold up May-hem.


And the point of you is what? Yep nothing.


Ignore the slip over administration and opposition.


The reality of future trade with the USA.


I can’t help but wonder if, in the wee small hours, David Cameron ever ponders on the law of unintended consequences. His solution to a little local party difficulty with UKIP looks like producing a disastrous and costly Brexit followed by a radical socialist government. Fucking muppet.


Fucking lunacy…

A quote from Daniel Hannan’s speach:

“It’s not every day a country of our size gets to draw up a new trade policy from scratch,”

There are seriously good reasons for this you galloping twat. At least it it wasn’t Bojo, Gove or Fox spouting this shite, although they were all there in support. I really do despair about the levels of ultrastupid achieved recently by our cabinet. Transforming the UK into Singapore would not be a good thing, particularly the police state atmosphere of the joint.

Sadly the opposition are equally hopeless and seem to want to remake the UK into East Germany circa 1975…


At least trade with the rest of the world is off to a flyer;


Bitterly disappointed.

That’s telling them!


Indeed,the US will be shitting themselves.


She’ll be writing him a stiff memo before you know it.


No more holding hands.



There’s as much Brexit blood on Labour’s hands as on the Tories. They aren’t keeping quiet until it kills the Tories, they are cheerleaders for leave, and Corbyn’s claim that he voted remain stinks. Only hard campaigning within the ranks has given Starmer any leverage. Left to his own devices (and given the power), I believe Corbyn would have crashed us out in a flash.

State intervention (subsidising TATA for example) is outlawed by the EU, and his ability to buy back rail and power companies are massively hindered by the EU. So he either doesn’t know that, and voted remain for reasons he’s never made clear or he lied and voted leave. That or his policies are lies. Not sure which is worse?

oh and yes, the Tories are about as much use as tits on a bull! And the Lib Dems are fucked too. I’m moving to Marbella.


State aid is complicated. You can argue that having in work benefits is a form of state aid to many low paying industries. Many regional grants end up implicitly helping a large local industry.

Clearly direct subsidies are wrong, but the state can get involved with many services perfectly legitimately. It’s just a matter of doing it right.

In much of western Europe, utilities are part owned by the local government and part quoted. It’s a great system - they have to make a profit for the shareholders, but are restrained from being massive cunts by the state, who also shares when they make super profits.

I don’t know what Labour’s plan is for rail and utilities, but it is possible to retain the entrepreneurial benefits of private ownership while having significant government ownership and control, without falling foul of EU state aid laws.


The TATA bit is correct. The bit about the rail and power companies is wrong though. There are no EU rules against the state owning their infrastructure, see foreign governments owning our rail, power and water assets for example. Once a company is nationalised it ceases to be covered by competition law if it is no longer encorporated, but rather functions under an act of parliament.


I read somewhere (I’ll have to dig it out) that ownership is fine, but its the "taking ownership " of private companies that is impeded. Not impossible, but certain EU regs make it awful tricky. Will see if I can find what I read.


The rail companies are franchises. You allow their contract to expire and then take them over. As for the rest of it, you really only need to own a significant proportion to control things.


Yeah, fair enough. Still think he voted leave.

This made me laugh earlier. And by laugh I mean cry.




Is Corbyn pretending to be a bull (in the china shop of Government)?