Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


That’d make you a citizen of nowhere according to our glorious leader.

Theresa May

Worst PM in living memory?


No, she might be useless but she is not as bad as Cameron who got us into this mess. However, Blair would get my vote as the worst PM and I really disliked Thatcher.


I would largely agree with that. Blair was doing reasonably OK until going to war based on lies.

For sheer ineptitude I would nominate Sunny Jim Callaghan


Michael Foot?


I thought about Callaghan, but didn’t he survive as the leader of a minority government for a serious period of time? I think he was hobbled by the horrendous economic circumstances (2nd oil price crisis) and stupidity of the Trade Unions.


Lunatic, but never made PM.


If you remember Michael Foot being PM, you are having one of those “Man in the High Castle” flashbacks…


But a brilliant mind and a great campaigner for press freedoms. Never PM material though, just never.


Well caught. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


The unions did what they always do, what they exist for, to secure the best for their members. Callaghan tried to work against them and not with them. Bearing in mind the size of union membership (before the lovely Hilda cut them off at the knees) he was working against a large number of the people who voted for him. Hence my vote for him being an eejit


Bliar was just awful because of the holy wars, but he presided over growth and stability. Thatcher in hindsight seems less bad than May and Cameron, despite how hateful she was.


A great thinker. Sadly missing in today’s crop of numpties


I have a lot of time for Major. Very thoughtful guy with strong principals who did a lot after the worst of Mrs T’s excesses. I was impressed with how he had the spine to offer out the loonies when he stood down and had a leadership contest. Sadly, he was knackered by the time Blair arrived.


Agreed. But to be fair after Hilda my old mum would’ve looked reasonable and competent.

Seriously though Major was a moderate and managed to keep to fringe element of the Tories on the bloody fringes!




May is trying her best but isn’t up to the job. Cameron lived in a fog of unearned privilege which essentially blinded him to the needs of the real world. Thatcher was prepared to destroy whole communities and whole sectors of the economy to get her own way. Nothing else mattered. As far as she was concerned she was absolutely right and anyone who disagreed was absolutely wrong. May is frightening because she can’t seem to get things done. Thatcher was much more frightening because she could get things done.






We’ll be going back to that soon under our glorious yet to be elected PM in waiting.


I agree with all of those words


So do I