Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


A pleasure to read writing of such succinct quality.


The Catalans will eventually get what they want, The Spanish government are pissing into the wind trying to stop it. Remember the old saying:

If at first you don’t secede, try, try again…


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FTFY :wink:

Then again if there really isn’t a majority for secession maybe they’ve already got what they want and are just agitating to keep Madrid from going too far with the tax take ?



In the long run we are all dead, but not all at the same time (with apologies to both Keynes and Joan Robinson).

I suspect this will now rumble on for decades and will possibly be very messy as the Partido Popular doesn’t attract votes in Catalonia, but will probably attract votes in the rest of Spain by playing it very tough.


Given the atrocious violence handed out by the authorities over this situation, I’m not sure that your (dubious) humour is appropriate


If i’d had known that we could have exported pigs ears last year,i would have gone for Brexit.

They missed a trick not writing that on a coach.


They’ve made a pig’s ear of it.

Thank you. I’m here all week…


Did you bring your coat though :unamused:



To be fair, the EU didn’t say that, the EU Parliament did. Their only role in the Brexit process is to vote on the concluding agreement. They have no role in the process of reaching that agreement, although you might not have guessed this given how gobby Guy Verhofstadt, their ‘Brexit spokesman’ has been.

The ineffectual nature of the EU Parliament, epitomised by the stupidity of its monthly dance backwards and forwards between Brussels and Strasbourg, the fact that its secretariat is based in Luxembourg and, to cap it all, that it doesn’t even have the authority to reform this farcical arrangement, is a good example of what’s wrong with the EU.



Just caught up on this thread, after a period of total pissed offness with all things Brexit.

This however should be the AA strapline. Descriptive and succinct.


Like the turd that won’t flush, Brexitards keep popping up online spouting some inane bollocks they once read in the Daily Express or other about how awful the EU is. Well now you have the perfect resource against them…

Ladies and Remoaners, I give you every fake news story about the EU since 1992, and the actual facts behind it:


I still love Ashley from Plymouth


This week’s “stating the bleedin obvious award” goes to the King of Spain when he said yesterday that the Catalans were showing “inadmissible disloyalty” :roll_eyes:


Hahahaha By jove, I think he’s finally got it!


The European Commission intends to fine Amazon a fuckton for illegal state aid due to the favourable tax deal they have with Luxembourg. The prime minister of Luxembourg when this deal was signed, one Mr Junk the drunk; now heading up the Commission. You couldn’t make this shit up!


Unpierced pigs ears would surely have swung it? hehehe


I hope provision will be made for the pigs’ ears to remain in place for Tory boys’ pig face-fucking initiations. They need something to hold onto.