Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy



Plus all the scaremongering about what labour would do if in office


Yes. It’s the only possible answer which leaves your integrity intact (or at least no more shattered than it previously was). Someone on the radio this morning was saying he didn’t understand why she didn’t give the Jeremy Hunt answer which, apparently, was “I voted Remain but now I want to Leave because I’ve seen how nasty M Barnier is”. The person reporting this did so without laughing. Or vomiting. Which shows admirable professionalism.



I think she would fail a Turing Test. She just spouts inane, vacuous nonsense that has little or no relevance to the question.


Didn’t think anyone could be as inept or lacking in empathy as Brown, but fair play to her, she’s managed it.


She has. I have no idea why she or Brown actually ever wanted the job, both manifestly unsuited to it and unsurprisingly shit at it.


Brown didn’t realise that he couldn’t do it until he tried. I suspect May realised that however bad she might be at it, she would not screw up as badly as Johnson or Leadsom or Gove or Rudd or (FFS) Rees-Mogg. I still think she was right about that.





Lol at the list of Tory leadership “talent”…


Nope, I think she’s better than all the others and time isn’t going to change that. You might disagree.

Brexit is the poisoned chalice to end all poisoned chalices. Having helped it happen Boris ran away from it in an act of spectacular public cowardice that under any other circumstances would see him laughed/booed off the face of the political earth for ever. But still it was (politically) the smarter choice than sticking with this dreadful job. It’ll finish her career and I think she knows that.

By the way, I could have added David Davis and Jeremy Hunt to the list. Hammond might not be much worse than May.



And Camoron who’s had the sense to stay away in the £25,000.00 shed in his garden.

It’s easy to forget that Camoron is the real villain here. No need to call the referendum. But the least he could have done is been a lot more specific with the question.

Something like : would you like to be skint? Y/N

Easily the worst PM evva.


I’m definitely not sure about that. For example, Sir Robert Peel and Lord John Russell provided such poor leadership, ineffective governance and poor management that the mass starvation of the 1845 potato blight continued in Ireland until 1852. Then there is Chamberlin, and Eden and Blair. But not one of oversaw the deaths of more than a million citizens. After the Black Death, the famine in Ireland is the single largest natural disaster to befall the UK (as was in 1845). Having said all that, Cameron was feckin’ useless. He should have stuck to rogering pigs…


You are correct. I shall change my statement to worst PM (insert year)


Jeez ! You Paddies just won’t let it go :roll_eyes:


I dunno, I figure having 1,000,000 dead and a couple of million (or more) forced to leave the country on your watch makes you a bad PM and definitely worse than Cameron. Admittedly, he fucked the country over Brexit and allegedly a dead pig too, but not many dead.

And I’m Strayan you Antipodean dipstick…:grin:




Bloody Brummie then. :slight_smile:


After the Planet Venezuela catastrophe at PMQs, what else can we say?



TListening to PMQs on the way back from Brighton this evening, it struck me that May was doing a fucking brilliant impression of a Dalek when she started braying responses to Corbyn’s questions.

Now we know the truth.


Instead of spending £350M a week on training customs officers, lorry parks at the ports, border controls and compliant aviation infrastructure let’s spend it on the NHS instead.

How would that look on the side of a bus?


Depends on the size of the font, I suppose