Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


And today’s Brexit clusterfuck is…


Er, you might want to check the scale :slight_smile:



It actually strengthened


The Rick Wakeman effect.




Only fractionally at the end of day. Likely to be a settling of positions on Thursday as no-one is going to want a big open position to deal with on Fridays given the current climate.


That and the fact the Liverpool St pubs will be open at mid day, precious hours to catch that Friday drink. A bizarre place, busy as bollox on a Friday, dead as a dodo on a Saturday.


So you reckon I’ll be safe paying a 5K Euro bill tomorrow & not regret it too much on Monday?

I guess when the European Council officially announce no imminent move to trade talks next week the £ may take a bit more of a kicking then.

It’s an awful business trying to navigate these fluctuations. A few hours difference can cost even a small trader like me quite significant lumps of cash.


Buggered if I know. There is no point trying to time short term fluctuations (there is a half-decent stab at explaining why here)

Brexit innit? Free Trade might be the ideal situation in theory, but the costs of transition to such a situation are ignored in the theory and unknown (but potentially vast) in reality. Jacob, Boris and Theresa would have you appreciate all they are doing for you though.

You have my sympathy. We are wrestling with when or if to repatriate a sizable chunk of Euros. It is giving me nightmares as it is all my money and the fluctuations are driving me nuts. I would buy a Villa in Spain but the Catalonians aren’t doing enough to drive down Valencian property prices, the selfish feckers. :angry:






This just keeps getting worse and worserer. We are truly up shit creek in a barbed-wire canoe.


Given that a lot of the EU Governments are centre right technocrats or far right extremists I would have thought the current crop of Tories would feel at home with them.


Either he did it to balance his earlier cock-up over not preparing for ‘no deal’. Or he’s just as cack-handed as all the rest of them. I’m not sure which would be worse.



There is no ‘worse’ than colossal clusterfuck unfortunately.


At which point Boris says “hold my beer”.




Sadly there is no canoe, or paddle. You are in the right creek though…