Brexit - The Kinetic Phase


The brim of the hat looks perfect for this


This would have matched the outfit better…


Sadly Mr. MWS and ‘El Burro’ (AKA Stronzetto) failed to be admitted to the Queens speech. Black Rod was rather put out by Stronzettos attempts to bribe the wardrobe dept for a pair of Liz’s kecks.


Worn ones, I hope


Being worn, one suspects…


Can May actually fuck it up any more? Is she massively incompetent or just doing it on purpose?


Never ascribe to malice what can adequately be explained by incompetence.


Tru dat. However incompetence is soooooo 2008. In 2017 the new phrase adopted by the FUBAR cognoscenti is ‘strong and stable’, often deployed with smatterings of ‘consistency’.



Just noticed on the Guardian that Number 10 have conceded that some parts of what used to be called the “great repeal bill” will need legislative consent in Scotland.

It looks like we can expect fireworks if our chums north of the border vote in line with the will of the Scottish people as voiced in the referendum and the GE. Needless to say the Sun are spinning up shit about the potential for Brexit being blocked.

That Tom Newton Dumb is a total cunt…:angry:


Good good.




Just listen to this cunt…


Unreal, we are fucked !

I don’t think we have ever been governed by such a hopelessly inept party.


I heard that driving home. Terrible.


Just to be clear, we are talking about this guy right ?

He promised Cathy Newman on today’s C4 News that he wouldn’t challenge Theresa May for the leadership before Brexit is delivered in 2019. If he wants to keep you sweet he’ll say whatever you want to hear. Whether there is any truth in it is of no consequence whatsoever. None.





Boris is a natural born clown. This was the finest moment of his undistinguished career to date, combining high level buffoonery with weapons grade cuntishness:


Not the most natural sportsman, but to be fair to him he did get a piece of the ball first…