Brexit - The Kinetic Phase


‘Left-of-centre passionate Remainer’ aghast that hard-left career Eurosceptic doesn’t represent his views.


Sadly Mark, the views of the 48% who voted to remain are not respected or represented by either main party. Both are prepared to tip the economy into the dustbin to pacify a lunatic fringe obsessed with immigration and only with immigration.


Stupid thing is,a year on,and i’d expect the remainers to now be the majority.


I am surprised though that someone like AC Grayling has been living in cave for the last 40 years though. Has he not seen JC’s record on the EU in the HoC and beyond.?

It’s like he’s just woken up bleary eyed from a long nap and had a nasty surprise :smiley:

Copied from a post I made elsewhere:

The more you think about it, the more you come to realise how dismal the LibDem campaign was given they had this nascent pool of support of 48+% of the population looking for a home.
All they had to do was shout from the rooftops as often as possible that Corbyn is the biggest Eurosceptic in the HoC and that May sold her Remain soul to Brexit.
But instead we had Tim Farron tying himself in eclesiastical knots and wringing his hands over what gay people do in their spare time. Bellend.


Yes, the Lib Dem performance was shocking.

Corbyn is crafty - weak tories limp to produce crap Brexit in 2019, economy devastated by 2021, massive Labour landslide in 2022.

Cynical, but I’m sure it has crossed his mind


If he could only contain May to having to formally chun up to the DUP given the basket case the Tories were, what makes you think he could do any better in the future?


Maybe. Perhaps more salient is that he’s a democrat.


Is that why he sacks people who disagree?

I was starting to think he might not be as useless as all that, but this has just reinforced that he actually is a massive cunt.


He’d look even more of a cnut if he didn’t appear to be prepared to follow through on their manifesto commitments. Those front benchers who voted against perhaps didn’t read that document carefully enough.

I think he’s playing a longer game & letting the Conservatives dig a hole that’s too big & the wrong shape.

This Umunna amendment was ill judged and poorly timed imho.


No point worrying about the long game when in the short term the country gets fucked.


Labour supporter suddenly realises Corbyn is a bit of a cunt when it come to the EU. Nah, can’t believe that folks didn’t now the Left were always opposed to the EU, surely?




Cross thread posting but very large and painful CP to that bloke I reckon


but should have been administered well before the vote


Except he never actually said that. Small point worth noting.


In some possible branches of the future leaving will be an error.

Is what he actually said.


Yep, but the Independent took his mind fart and ran with it in a style developed at the Daily Mail and perfected at the Daily Express. Beautiful stitch up. Also the man is a turd so don’t waste your logic and/or sympathy on him.


And he failed to make it clear during the campaign that voting to leave would be voting to plunge our future into almost complete uncertainty, with a real risk that things would turn out worse for us all. He is now conceding that risk when it’s too late to decide whether to take it or not.



I get he’s a turd, but right wing fake news and and left wing fake news are equally insidious. I suppose all they really are is a reflection of the position of the editorial on a given paper. As for him having to explain the Brexit risks during the debate, surely that’s the job of those opposed to Brexit. Let’s not forget that team ran an equally fucking awful campaign, so cock sure were they in their victory. Still strikes me that Corbyn’s social media darlings, Momentum, and others from the left were most noticeable by their absence and chose not to run an effective social media campaign for Remain.


No amount of social media campaigning would have deflected the cum gargling racist beltards from their “immigration is the root of ALL evil” agendas.