Brexit - The Kinetic Phase


^^^^ This I’m afraid


Not sure about my mate with the PhD though, who voted Leave simply because he abhorred (and abhors) the undemocratic nature of the EU and felt that we had roped ourselves to a continent which is culturally sufficiently different from us (and we are the odd ones out, not them) that we will never get a single decision to go our way again.

The thing is that the Leave community was made up of one very big part (the anti-immigrationists) and a cluster of much smaller parts who tipped the balance. If only we could have swung some of the more reasonable small parts Remain might just have won rather than just losing.

So marginal tossers (on both sides, to be fair) may have a lot to answer for.



I have been known to knock one out at the side of the lake while fishing, does that make me a marginal tosser?


You’ve been talking to that Diogenes bloke (infamous public wanker haven’t you ? What nails it though is that you go fishing (cue “Careful, you might catch something” jokes).



A little bit of sick came up at the thought of that Jim.


Was it over Amber Rudd?


Mmmm… I think he is more likely to get a Chub on over Nicola Sturgeon. :thumbsup:


No one else? Oh, very well…

Jim, don’t be Koi, tell us what turns you on in the margins, we’d like to know the Bleak truth.


Jim, will you stop carping on about bloody fishing.


Shut up or I’ll knock you off your perch…


Don’t be so fucking crabby. At least it is a change from golfisting…


FFS, just give it a rest. Clam up and stop being so shellfish…


Don’t mussel in with your salty words, yer little shrimp… we’re talking fresh water here!


John, get those fingers working, nuke the forum!


Hopefully he will mullet over




No, eel be floundering.



Well, I’ve tried to think up a suitable response but all I can do is flounder.


Is that a thick lipped mullet? I’m guessing @Jim is more of a chub.



Right. That’s the fisheries policy dealt with. Are we up for having a go at the border with the Irish Republic before teatime ?