Brexit - The Kinetic Phase


I think we all cod do batter with these gags. :slight_smile:


I would advocate extending the Irish Sea to the border with the Irish Republic and handing out free fishing permits to those up North… I appreciate this might rain on the odd parade and dampen the odd bonfire. The opportunity to reopen Harland and Wolf might be welcome.


Is it just me, or has the atmosphere got very tench all of a sudden?


It will 'eel itself if we all listen to enough sole.


Kill me now…


Some’fin’ you don’t agree with?




I thought you’d be a dab hand at this, but it seems you’re in the wrong plaice


Nothing for 45 minutes. Best get our skates on.


Did you mean krill me now?


I think he must have Smelt something.


After Brexit we should invade the EU and declare it part of the commonwealth and then build a wall around it.


I hake this thread.


This thread has haddock. I’m all tench now. Salmon needs to close it down. The mod, eel be along in a minute and we’ll all be grouper’d together.


The punning on this thread is weak. You all need to go back to school.


Hope I wake up soon, this thread is like a bad bream.


You’ll have forgotten all about it in a couple of minnoes


Some cunt is going to get banned in a minute :angry:


Forget this turbotcharged thread? Never!!


Really? I think it’s Brill myself :grin: