Brexit - The Kinetic Phase


I have just popped into this thread quickly as I quite like some of the stuff posted here, just to find that everyone who has entered seems to have been affected by some brain disease.
I am going to leave just as quickly in the hope I don’t catch anything.



This is getting a tadpole-erised, we need to spawn! We need to move orfe to fillet the thread with newt ideas or will feel His wrass even morey.


How many posts will we get on this thread?

Wonder if we can get it to Marillion.

I thaaaangyew…


He’s here all era folks, try the coelacanth.


61 responses - could only be fish-pun armageddon.


Don’t be cocking a Snook. You may have had it up to the gills but some of us were enjoying it while it had fins. :frowning_face:


Fuck this plaice


Another fish thread, aaaGGGHHHHH. Usual load of Pollocks.


Nice Jackson Pollock


This is reelly shit.

Now stop.





Vince Cable has suggested it might not happen.

I asked paddy power for odds on us still being in the EU in three years time and they declined to offer any… is it slipping away? if it is, thank goodness, it is by far the single most moronic idea in the history of moronic ideas.

However, we still have that swivel eyed Brexitard Corbyn to worry about. The left’s very own Farage will fight hard to drag us out (and down).




Thinking about the human rights thing, surely it’s staggeringly unlikely that the EU will accept the removal of rights for EU citizens in the UK, so are we facing the possibility of immigrants having more rights than Brits? That would be funny.


It would be no different to you visiting or taking residence in a foreign country. You abide by their laws.


Good piece. It’s roughly where I’ve been with it for a while now. It has to happen or the consequences to our democracy would be even worse.