Brexit - The Kinetic Phase


The only thing that sticks in the craw is that a lot of the votes will have been cast on a false assumption that the big promises were in any way reflective of the facts. On the other hand, that goes for just about any election, ever.


All men will be able to shoot their load for a 1.4 miles. Women will have such incredible orgasms the resultant effluent will be counted in barrels per head.
For the middle aged, pyres will burn in all public spaces slow roasting succulent Pork / Beef and Chicken - available free to all over the age of 40.

Vote Stronzetto


…there is no other choice


I’d argue that lying to get people to vote a certain way also has (had) consequences for democracy.


What human rights thing? The Tory proposal to introduce a UK Bill of Rights is divorced from Brexit and with their much reduced majority and authority is even less likely to happen.

I can’t see us leaving the European Convention on Human Rights.


This is what they want to get rid of:

They might introduce some kind of bill of rights, but I imagine it’ll be shit if they do, there’s no time to debate it properly.


Sounds like Jim’s BBQ…


Got it. TBH it has to go as it covers the right to vote in the election for the EU Parliament. The other stuff is, in the main, covered off in the ECHR and existing UK legislation. Looks like a load of EU hot air. It will be interesting to see what isn’t covered elsewhere. I imagine it was written for the benefit of our East European members who joined at or around the Lisbon Treaty.


David Davis fully prepared for another tough round of Brexit negotiations this morning (although the dog appears to have eaten his homework)


I like how they have a massive flag in the corner so everyone is absolutely sure which side they’re on.


I hope the room was swept for bugs, as clearly they will be finalising and agreeing things, or maybe not.:rofl:


They don’t really need it. We have a massively ill prepared, gurning, buffoon on our side of the table which clarifies which side is which rather neatly.

…And there was me thinking it’d be Queen Theresa bravely taking on all 27 EU leaders at once in some act of futile chivalry.


Neil "You know, I’ve never seen you write anything down."
David points at his head: “It’s all up there.”


Clearly we have two over paid civil servants either side of the buffoon. We should hire private consultants, as they are cheaper according to the smiling twit at No11.


[quote=“ICHM, post:816, topic:696”]
We should hire private consultants, as they are more effective[/quote]



I gather Davis & Barnier have left the talks to their respective civil servants now which begs the question; What did Barnier bring a dossier for?


So everyone’s clear that he’s not just a PR figurehead ?




Aka Brexit Bulldog.

Dead Ringers on R4 takes the piss out of him magnificently.


tl;dr a very depressing situation with David Davis the vanguard of our Brexit negotiation team, the LibDems seemingly unable to capitalise on nearly 49% of the electorate wanting to stay in the EU, and Labour as divided on Europe as the Tories as have been.