Brexit - The Kinetic Phase


The only reason Labour haven’t split horribly on Brexit is that they have nothing to do with it. They’re sticking to their standard opposition policy of ineptness and irrelevance.



:+1: Tru dat. However it makes a refreshing chance from the lunacy, selfishness and outright incompetence that is current Government policy (or lack thereof seemingly as Theresa has been asking for policy suggestions from all and sundry)


Brexit is just too difficult and complicated. Our politicians are not used to dealing with this kind of thing. It needs a fantastic team in the background getting to grips with the issues, and great leadership to come to decisions about what to do.

I imagine there is a decent backing team, but the leadership is entirely incompetent.

Most of the government negotiations I have worked on have lasted for ages, with the leadership team always revisiting decided items once they actually grasped the ramifications of the decision they had made. And to say that Brexit is more complicated is an understatement!


99% of Brexit will be done by the civil servants, they’ll be very little actual involvement by politicians…

As has been said, the detail of this is far too complicated for most politicians to be able to comprehend imo…


Nope. There is no decent backing team. At the time of the referendum the UK had no specialist trade negotiators and the GES has very limited capacity in the requisite areas. Then there are the tax specialists, lawyers etc etc. and the fact that the civil service has been gutted. I know a couple of the people providing specialist advice and quite frankly they make me look very bright (:crazy_face:).

Currently it appears that those tasked with the job of managing the process are too busy jockeying for PM. Having started out as a mess, this is set to be a complete and utter shambles.


Surely no right thinking individual would want May’s job at present.


I was suggesting decent rather than fantastic. If they’re not even decent then it’ll be proper comedy.


That was indeed tough on Ashley from Pinner. But I suspect that all we learnt was that an erudite, self-confident person with expertise in front of an audience and who gets to choose the questions can reveal the shallowness of someone who has a day job and who’s been asked to vote on an issue without being given either the time to research it or the guidance over the issues that really matter. I fear that given the microphone even Jacob Rees-Mogg could have done a similar job on many remainers.



The view prior to the referendum was that remain would win. There was little or no backup planning and almost nobody senior in the civil service with the necessary core competencies. What backup team there is will have been put together in a hurry and is unlikely to be a shining example of thinkerz with skillz and experienz. :cold_sweat:



Hallelujah, we are saved!


You do wonder how Brexit supporting farmers are feeling now about the reality of having to compete with the large scale, chlorine scrubbed, hormone injected agricultural industry of the USA or the low cost sourcing of produce from Asia


It wouldn’t be a problem if we had decent trade negotiators who understood these issues, as produce with lower standards than ours would not be allowed in. Instead we have no trade negotiators, and a government that doesn’t care about standards.


They already cope with the latter, go check your take away suppliers or the back of the ready meal packs in the supermarkets, gopping stuff. Unfortunately there are enough people over here who but that crap without a second thought. Hormone and anti biotic injected beef next, will be in all the cheap processed foods before you know it. The Irish farmers will also hate it.

I remember one brexit supporting farmer in Cornwall, who depite receiving EU subsidies, declared support for Brexit. His reasoning? he though hat it was the EU set aside scheme that was preventing him building a holiday park for caravans on his farm. Couldn’t make this shit up if you tried.



Perception is everything.


39% of Leave voters also say themselves/family members losing their jobs a price worth paying for Brexit…


Is that the same 39 percent who ticked the “thick as fuck” box.


Lets see how they feel when they and/or their family members actually do loose their jobs. I imagine the moaning and whinging will be deafening.