Brexit (The return of....)


Roger Waters will have a field day with that for his new album! That’s if he doesn’t first succumb to his rampant paranoia after reading it!


Sickening next level jingoism from the Sun.


Yet advertising £15 holidays to, ummmm, Spain.



Scary reading.


Just. Wow.

Dangerous man


Yikes! Will we ever find out the truth? Looks unlikely


“Whatevs,” says Banks



Scariest thing is there seems to be nothing we can do about the likes of Banks and Bannon.


Sun doesn’t do irony I suppose.


If it did it’d be the shitiest irony in the world


IMO all who hurdled TM into power had week after Thomas Mair to know exactly which future choosing.

Never forgotten, never forgiven.


I note that the new iPad model sells for more £ than $. These luxuries are going to get ever more expensive.





The magazine cover is not helpful to the “leading holiday resort”, says the town’s mayor

The only good thing about Skeggy is the road out of it.



A nice “fuck you” message to Corbyn from Benn and Milliband.


Off the scale cognitive dissonance from brexitards.


Rare photo of UK leaving EU-


Nice to see that the sun will still shine out of our arse (OK, Kent) though.