Brexit (The return of....)


Typical of the South, nicking all the sunshine.



France to have its own EU referendum in 2 weeks time.


The epoch of ‘Asshole’ is upon us. Stronzetto has gathered a flotilla to see off Le Pen(is) in the Plymouth sound . So far all dingys have sunk due to Stronzetto herculean hoofing of the puncture repair glue. A rescue team has been allerted


I know there have been plenty of shock political results recently but it’s hard to imagine the French voting to leave the EU.

Macron is 1/7 and Le Pen is a 7/1 shot for what it’s worth.

For comparison Trump was around 5/1 on the eve of the US election and a Brexit leave vote was around a 5/2 shot on the morning of the referendum, and was 14/1 when the polls actually closed!!


I would hope it doesn’t happen but another terror attack in France in the next fortnight would be quite significant to the outcome of this election.


I hope they do vote her in and then vote to leave, then we can rejoin and run the place properly without those cheese eating surrender monkeys at the helm.


You have apparently omitted to recall that the Germans actually run the EU via their French puppets, so naught will actually change apart from the disappearance of the white flag waving garlic lovers.


Where does racism fit into Égalité de liberté?


I would genuinely expect them to say that it only applies to French citizens. That’s the sort of cuntery you get from the FN.


The world needs an enema


Wow. KISS have let themselves go


“Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday accused the other 27 EU countries of lining up to oppose Britain over Brexit after Germany’s Angela Merkel said the UK should have no “illusions” over the exit process.”

What was she really expecting them to do? Worryingly dumb.


We have provided the EU with a wonderful opportunity for unity!


Provided that Marine Le Pen doesn’t throw an unlikely spanner in the works next week.


I am quite concerned about that. Whilst the polling does suggest Macron is likely to win it, it’s not going to be the kind of margin that we saw with Chirac vs Le Pen senior.


Polling suggested that Brexit wouldn’t happen & that Hillary would win. People don’t necessarily tell pollsters the truth. I hope you’re right though and that Macron does win. It’s going to get very ugly over there if not.


Certainly with Brexit, the result was within the margin of error given by the pollsters. Some pollsters (Nate Silver in particular) did argue in advance of the result that things were a lot closer than some newspapers were reporting. You can kind of forgive them a bit given that Clinton won the popular vote by about 3m votes, just lost the electoral college.