Brexit (The return of....)


She must surely be very familiar with erectile dysfunction.


Well, Phillip would at least :smirk:


I’ve got a feeling that the EU are going to force us in to a hard Brexit, from the tone of their latest meet… :frowning:


Lol they aren’t forcing anything! They have a set of rules, expecting us to be able to pick and choose the ones we fancy and keep full access to the markets is completely delusional!


Was it ever going to be any other way?


No shit, Sherlock. :wink:

It has to be their default position, pour decourager les autres.


Yes, LePen winning will fuck it all up…:+1:


Alarm bells should really be starting to ring when you find yourself hoping that the Fascists win an election.


May’s refusal to get involved in a TV or radio debate really is the sign of great cowardice.

She can’t bear being disagreed with. Is inadequate in her replies (without scripting).

Just likes to hear the opinions that agree with hers.

And then the telling people what to do.


Having seen her efforts this morning it’s little wonder that Lynton Crosby has insisted she doesn’t participate in any debates. She was truly awful, still repeating the ‘strong & stable’ soundbite and still trying to pretend that ‘every vote strengthens her negotiating hand’ while forgetting that we have a FPTP system and that the EU negotiators care not a jot for how strong a mandate she (or any other British Brexit negotiator) might have. It makes no difference to their position.

She was really floundering on the issue of why full time nurses were needing to make use of foodbanks as well as being unsteady on what her tax policies were likely to be. Better for her sake that she’s kept out of public view really.


Yes, better not let the people see what they are voting for. Lest it spoils her chances.


Potentially interesting. No confirmed source.
It’s her husband’s firm that made the money, but it should still legally have been declared.

No end to the fraud? Go,go,go Sue Gray.


Classic fake news site.



This ^^^^



Vote Theresa for Strong & Stable incompetence.

Thank goodness we’ll have her negotiating on our behalf & not some ill informed buffoon.


Seriously flawed though she is, I fear she’s still the least worst option though.

Stating the obvious, I know, but it’s also worth acknowledging that the EU side of this argument is not disinterested nor morally superior nor, even, telling ‘the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth’. The FAZ article will be based on material provided by politicians and civil servants who are preparing for a negotiation and also for at least one election. They’ll present the convenient facts (and keep quiet about the other ones) and they’ll do so as part of a case that they’re trying to establish. The content is revealing and rather worrying but I’m sure it’s far from complete.



When is it ever?


I guess that’s my point. I’m pretty sure that if you had access to a few UK-supporters who were in the room you could write a newspaper article revealing Mr Juncker’s failure (which you’d call inability) to address the negative consequences for the EU of no deal.



It used to be a vote for the Tories was a vote for low taxes and growth. Not any more it seems, with a vote for the Tories being a vote for something called stability. I’m interested in this nebulous concept of ‘stability’, particularly in terms of the macroeconomy. One possible (and very likely) interpretation of stability is no growth, or really slow nominal growth with in the face of rising prices may actually lead to small real contractions. I’m also surprised by the foreshadowing of tax rises by Spreadsheet Phil and his Boss. It would be nice if somebody from the opposition pointed out these apparent contradictions…