Brexit (The return of....)


And therein lies the other half of the problem.

Also this continued trend for politicians to hide and not want to come out and explain things anymore, partly the medias fault to some extent, and partly ours for putting up with it.


The EU is actually finished, if you put it to the vote in the 27 remaining countries, it would overwhelmingly be won by the leavers…

It’s currently only run for the benefit of the politicians riding the massive gravy train and power kick (that Merkel is currently enjoying before being kicked out by her own country!).

Unfortunately all this negotiating shit, is just smoke and mirrors, to try and dissuade their own members from pulling the plug… Pure and simple it will be oppressive bullying of the UK, for their own ends!

It’s actually disgusting that they are trying to destabilise our country, by suggesting that NI can stay in the EU if it becomes part of Ireland, and same with Gibraltar. Have they mentioned Scotland yet? Lol…

So they’ve now played their hand, and instead of letting us leave with minimal fuss, they’re going to make this as punitive as possible… It will backfire on them big time, just read how Varoufakis had his negotiations dealt with to see what we are going to have to deal with…

I’ve unfortunately come to the conclusion that maybe Farage was right, mind you most of the country saw that when they voted last year.
If people had any sense, imo, they’d get behind the brexiteers and make this as easy as possible for whoever is involved…

The gloves have to be taken off, while this charade takes place, as the EU is a dead man walking… imo.


You really have a bizarre view of the world



Don’t you believe in democracy then?

And yes, I’ve realigned my thoughts with the majority view of this country, so that we can get the best deal going forward!


Alligning yourself with uneducated, racist, nationalists, economic incompetents and the gullible is a queer recipe for success non?


I don’t think that any sensible remainer wants a terrible deal, but you don’t have to change your views. That leads to group think. I don’t think that there is a great deal available, or indeed a good one, but we should try to get the least worse (and IMO have a referendum on it).


Unfortunately what is now the ‘majority view in this country’ has been informed by lies & nonsense for the past 25 years.

Economic reality will soon start to bite. It may not affect you so much but it will affect those who can ill afford the consequences & many of them voted for it.


I presume you can prove that?



It would currently happen in France/Germany/Holland plus quite a few more, once France or Germany throw in the towel its all over isn’t it?


Hang on. Theresa keeps telling us how important it is that she has a strong mandate for her negotiations. But it won’t be anything like as strong a mandate as the one Varoufakis had. (67%) The EU (quite rightly) don’t need to concern themselves with the strength of an individual leader’s mandate. She is simply talking bollocks.


So, what’s new?

I just want to be positive and get the best deal without being arse raped…
If the EU is going to be unreasonable, then I suggest you start buying your German cars now, if you want one…


Again what’s new?

She’s currently the best we have, and no amount of whinging on here will change that… Will it?


That’s the problem isn’t it - whoevers leading the negotiations is on a hiding to nothing as there will be very little on the table because we have no bargaining position whatsoever despite what the noisy leave campaign tried to suggest.

All this does is compound the reality that our economy is in a long and terminal decline. Post industry all we had to make (or lose!) billions was the banking sector which successive governments were seduced by until it went tits up. With Brexit we’re likely to see the banking centre of Europe is in Frankfurt not London.

The biggest problem for the leavers is never mind freedom to trade with the rest of the world - what have we actually got of any scale to export any more? Come on, answers on a postcard!


How are they being unreasonable? We have opted to leave because we don’t want to keep to their rules of membership. But we’re expecting them to let us enjoy the benefits without the costs? You must be as deluded as Queen Theresa.


This. The only mandate which matters for the divorce is the small one delivered in the referendum. The outcome of negotiations about the future won’t need just to fit the position of this Tory government. They’ll need to work for governments of whatever political persuasion we might elect. Oh … hang on …



Erm, not the majority of the country actually. Just 52% of those who could be arsed to vote at that time . Not the majority in Scotland or NI, or in many major urban centers. The governments stance on ignoring the views of the 48% borders on fascism.




Another non democracy believer, this forum is full of them… :roll_eyes: