Brexit (The return of....)


So what would you call it if the view of the 52% was ignored?


Why don’t you fuck right off you prick.


Consistent with most general elections.


Anyhow while you non democratics ponder your ‘glass half full’ situation to the ends of eternity, I’m off out to enjoy the bit of sunshine that’s out there…

Have a great day! :sunglasses::kissing_heart::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Whilst I agree with the sentiment, let’s try a keep it a little bit civil.


Sad, as you just lost that…


I think we should detach ourselves given that that is what the majority voted for. However, given that choice it ought to be possible to do it in a less damaging way than that currently being adopted by May. Thanks to the hard right brigade in the Conservative party we’ll be leaving with no trade deal and, in all likelihood, a UK split asunder. Nice work.


Here’s a thought…provide the evidence to your assertions and your comments might be considered more than just trolling.


It is a dark day for AA when calling a man a cunt is frowned upon.


He didn’t call him a cunt, he called him a prick…

…of all the folk on here, I would have thought Mr MWS would know the difference…:joy:


I agree. I’m sorry I omitted the words ‘insufferable’ and ‘deluded’ when it was suggested I did not believe in democracy. I’m a bad boy :disappointed:


The same. Proper leadership does not denigrate the views of those on the other side of the argument,


Yes you are. Omitting “sanctimonious” was unforgivable.


Some pricks are cunts - Some twats are dicks - Can Stronzetto count on your vote?


Where does he stand on using hopeless post-imperial aggression, to negotiate a Brexit that half the country don’t want?


There isn’t going to be any happy ending.


That is on the front page of the Grauniad, The Telegraph and many other websites…


It’s on the BBC too. But their take on it is

British perceptions of the meal have not been leaked in the same level of detail but there’s no doubt the European briefings will be seen in the UK as provocative - and designed to stir up fears among British voters about what Brexit is ultimately going to mean …

It’s worth remembering too that all this has come before formal Brexit negotiations have even started - they’re likely to get going next month. And every stage is likely to be accompanied by similar leaks and briefings - the only difference is at some point the British are likely to join in too.



There is an interesting debate about what democracy is. Personally I think that democracy isn’t just the people who fancy voting, freely voting for stuff. There needs to be honest, open, informed debate, fairly reported - and that was sorely lacking in the Brexit vote.


Highly unlikely, given that all politicians, regardless of their creed, only say what they think will win them votes…