Brexit (The return of....)



Pow Wow’s should never be undertaken sober or with full scrotum
In the case of brexit there would be no negotiations as he would scupper it and insist brexiters attend therapy.


Ever heard of propaganda, well there is a lot of it about from both sides. Believe nothing.


The die was case as far back as New Labour. Even then the Government were happy to talk up how successful they were in the E, but they didn’t spend time talking about how successful the EU was. This country always held the EU in mild contempt at best and we did little to put the UK at the heart of it. It was fertile ground for the Leave campaign, even if the win did take them by complete surprise.


Of course, when Europe shuts us out, the economy goes down the toilet and we’re left high and dry, it will be Europe’s fault. I can see the headlines now.

Between the racists and the fuckwits, we are so screwed.


It could be argued that we really detached ourselves from the other nations of Europe as far back as 1534 when there was the disagreement with the Spanish, Germans and Italians (for want of better words) over Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn. Here’s the inside view from Whitehall somewhere around 1980:



Everything went to naught following the abolishion of keel-hauling in 1720.


I blame the advent of the Eurosausage :thinking:


It’s been abolished!? :open_mouth:


Yep. It’s OK for our own politicians to act like petulant children, but if a European politician isn’t completely logical and sensible they are the enemy.

Why would we expect German politicians to put their car industry first? No UK Government has remotely cared about ours since the 1970s.

The iceberg is brightly lit and there is a band playing on it - so we try to drown out the noise with the orchestra on the deck of HMS Titanic as we steer directly at it.


Perhaps, then, we should look for a trading agreement with Newfoundland


I like an emulsified high fat offal tube, aka Le saucisse Anglais, but I do like a bratty, or a chorizo too. Vive la difference!

Aussie Snags, on the other hand, are the devils turds.



Nope. Can’t argue with that :thinking:




This will help


The whole “influencing the general election” argument is truly bizarre. She’s the one that called a general election during the Brexit process, does she expect the process to stop for a couple of months? There’s only 24 of them in all! If she didn’t want Brexit to interfere, she could easily have called an election before incoming article 50, or not called one at all.


Because she’s a scare-mongering moron.


Jon, what is the opinion of all this with your French friends and neighbours?