Brexit (The return of....)


Doesn’t sound absurd, there are loads of them, and the pension is generous. But it should be easy to quantify our element.

The €100bn is absurd though. Our net contribution is about €10bn per year, and on leaving you would expect the following year to be about the same, and it would gradually fall away over a few years. I find it easy to get to €50bn, say, but much higher seems wrong.


I actually think that they should have good pensions, and should retire in comfort. It’s a much better scenario than the revolving door into industry on a huge salary, as this gives rise to all sorts of concerns about decisions taken in their last few years, and the ability to buy influence.


Yes, we should ruin our economy and push the country into catastrophe just to show them… err… something. Yes, that’ll definitely tell them.


Move to another country then.


I may well do, along with the jobs and money.

Good luck with reminiscing and dining out on stories of how great Britain was.


Dibs on the horn in the coming firesale.




You’ll have to buy the house also, as getting it out in one piece is an issue.


Some chains and a 4x4 will be fine. The resulting hole in the wall won’t be my concern.


You can always get a plumber in, as they like knocking holes in walls and not filling them.


Well, for now at least.



I can’t help thinking back to 1975 and earlier and reminiscing about the paradise Britain was then.


Lol, I was 4 in 1975, so life was great. My biggest worry was what I was getting for Christmas. :smile:


I was in one of the primary schools a couple of days back and a little kid came up to me and asked that. :santa:



We had a steel industry, shipbuilding, coal, lots of manufacturing, the council houses hadn’t been sold off and the pot holes in the roads were fixed. We built new motorways, had a joined up rail system and labour laws that didn’t pick on the individual.

You must agree hard times indeed.


The power cuts were fun, the 3 day week & sugar rationing. I think there was a toilet paper shortage as well if memory serves. Happy days.




We had happy sailor Edward Heath and the terminally miserable Harold Wilson, who could ask for more.


Mike Yarwood was in charge of satire back then.


Except it’s not the EU’s fault that that is no longer the case. The people responsible are far closer to home.