Brexit (The return of....)


Ffs I wasn’t even born in 75


You are the result of a powercut.


Cross the person mainly responsible with Mike Yarwood and you get the current occupant of No 10.


Must be all the dodgy processed rice that makes you look so old then :stuck_out_tongue:


Pay them zero, that was easy and saves all the haggling. Bloody politicians making a mountain out of a molehill.


Your other head was a teenager though


We’re the same me and you.


:open_mouth: I definitely need new glasses if this is true.



– Dave Brown


Text in english can be found here:


No wonder she held Trump’s hand.


I reckon she only did that to stop him from pussy grabbing her


I doubt she has one. She’s probably smooth like Barbie.


Still would’t have stopped him from trying though



So to sum up the EU want everything paid for and offer nothing in return and the UK wants to pay nothing and get everything it wants in return. Sounds like a classic start to negotiations to me.

The fact that May used the occasion to bolster her domestic appeal on the eve of an election is, of course, not something that Merkel and every other EU PM would do?

Merkel also adds that Germany wont fill the funding gap left by the UK and it looks like none of the other contributing States will either. Is there an election due in Germany soon by any chance?


What do you suppose they should be offering? Of course Britain has financial commitments it should settle if it ever wants to engage in trade deals with any other countries. But Britain has opted to leave because we don’t want to comply with the EU’s rules. That’s not the EU’s fault. I don’t see that they are really obliged to offer us anything.




With regard to the future EU budget, if no EU countries want to make up the shortfall they’ll simply have to rein in their ambitions and adopt a smaller budget. Not that complicated.