Brexit (The return of....)


I’m not saying they should. My point is that the article is merely stating the bloody obvious and yet is jumped upon as if it was some kind of bloody revelation.


The revelations to me (provided the account is accurate) concerned the fact that Theresa May appears to have thought that these negotiations could be handled in the slippery way she seemed to have handled the JHA arrangements, that there’s perhaps a rift between her and Davis & that she didn’t grasp that discussions of a trade deal wouldn’t be happening until a framework for arriving at the settlement figure had been agreed on. It was also surprising to learn that she/they hadn’t grasped the complexities involved in continuing to offer EU ciitizens living in the UK continued EU rights which would be under the jurisdiction of the ECJ. Thinking it (the EU citizens aspect) could be resolved in a couple of weeks after our GE. FFS! It leaves one (me) wondering what the fuck they’ve been playing at for the past 10 months.

Strong & Stable my arse. Clueless more like.


Of course they will know all this, half of Whitehalll has been working on it for the past six months. it’s just posturing, bugger all is going to be agreed until after the French and German elections and everyone knows it.

I predict more of this shit to come and it wouldn’t matter who was running the negotiations.

May’s end game however is a different question.




The Standard could be quite amusing while bitter George is at the helm.


May’s end game is no trade deal.


I see Junk the Drunk is busy cracking a few jokes over in italy, hope he’s enjoying the local wines.


Juncker needs to be killed immediately.
Where’s a fucking drone strike when we need one.


I like Juncker. He’s a skilled troll, knows which buttons to press. :+1:


Nothing new, but well written.–france-germany-eu-uk


Agree, the “English losing it’s importance” statement is super line to drop in French when speaking in Italy.


Unfortunately too good. You can thank him in no small part for Brexit. He’s a nuanced as a breeze block.



Gotta love the way he greets Orban :grinning:


Is great.


I must admit to liking the cut of Juncker’s jib.


He’s a prick.


No doubt but he’s at ease with himself, likes a drink and has a sense of humour unlike May whose miserable visage is but a painful reminder that life is grim in Brexit Britain.


Ah, I can see now why he’d be popular north of the border :thinking:


This would’ve been what? 1975 or so?