Brexit (The return of....)


And a particularly horse-faced and spavined nag it is too. I’m amazed it made the running, but it has a history of winning in races where there is no competition.


Haha, Farage and co. have massive butt hurt today.

Hush now, Nigel, the people have spoken.



How much power, and hence his ability to effect change, will depend on the next round of elections in France. If he garners support in that election then he has the opportunity, along with the new German Chancellor, to mould European politics for a generation.

In the meantime we strike out on our own, time will tell who succeeds and who fails. One thing is for sure, there is no appetite in the UK to reverse Brexit. The protests have died out and at worse there remains a resigned resignation.

PS, I bet the EU parliament still ups sticks and moves to France every other month!




see #590 in this thread


Who do you think you are kidding Mrs May?


No doubt inspired by the ‘rise of the far right in France/Europe’ type gobshittery :rolling_eyes: :


I can only presume the Telegraph, Mail and Express etc are only fucked off because Corbyn is not taking us back to the 1950s


Judging by that top panel on the Mail’s front page, Paul Dacre would prefer Britain to be dragged back to the 50’s. Lord Rothermere is more a 1930’s man with his paper’s historic fondness for strong & stable fascists. Hurrah for the blackshirts!


I took this on Allerton Road on the way to dinner tonight. It made me smile. Say ‘Non’ to fascists and make the world a nicer place…


I used to work at that iceland



The manager was a proper cunt too, at times I wanted to lock him in the freezer room , trouble is he hated me just as much and guess where I would spend most of my time…





German newspaper cartoon.


Ahaha, Queenie trolling Parliament with her EU hat


Looks like one of those pimp hats from the streets of San Francisco


Dissing the Queen…:scream: