Brexit (The return of....)


This could be fun. The denial of the F.O.I. request will likely cause the shit to hit the fan at at hitherto unseen rate.


That could make things very interesting.


According to the Guardian (so it must be true :roll_eyes:) :

Last night, two Conservative MEPs who voted to block progress in Britain’s Brexit talks were stripped of the party’s whip. Julie Girling, who represents South West England and Gibraltar, and Richard Ashworth, the MEP for South East England, were suspended after supporting a resolution in Strasbourg to block Brexit talks moving forward.

What.A.Fucking.Shambles. Is there no discipline in the Conservative Party?



I hope this report is wrong. There is a very large body of opinion that suggests that a hard border will inevitably lead to a resumption of hostilities in the Six Counties which would likely spread south and across the Irish Sea.


Another legal challenge about to start. I’ve chucked a few quid in:


plus 1


I assume the EU is concerned that the UK could use the border to export goods into the EU outside of any Trade agreement we sign, including goods from nations that the EU does not have tariff free trade with…


Possibly, but it is not just tariff-free goods you need to think about. For instance, under an FTA with the USA, the steroid/antibiotic input into meat or GM crops would be illegal in the EU foodchain so a hard border with inspections is probably a given. Most NI exports actually go through Dublin with will simply add to the fuck-up as Belfast really isn’t up to the job in terms of facilities.

I shudder to think about a lot of the economic implications. However, the political/religious aspects are a potential nightmare in comparison to the economics of the mess…


This thread by the editor of

Brexit won’t happen.


I don’t know what you’re all worried about, this is the biggie:-


Has anyone pointed out to them that Dean lives in Yorkshire ? And the food has to come from somewhere.



I’ve cancelled my subscription to Amazon Prime and told them I expect all the perks thereof to continue.

The ball is in their court…


I would vote for that. Get rid of the fucking smug cunts for good.


I will be having my own referendum for Stuexit next month.
I am the only voter,and when i win,i will be allowed to do what i want,when i want.



Careful now. If you fail to deliver the Stuexit that the voter voted for you may end up having to resign, or worse, being taunted by Jacob Rees-Mogg for not having a clue.


Obviously the title of a porno movie made darn sarf…


Smiley missing from my post. :wink:


Yorkshire will be the only County not allowed to vote in that referendum, just in case the twats vote to remain! :grinning: