Cambridgeshire bakeoff


It is about time, I returned a few favours, so I am provisionally/probably holding a bakeoff, on the 1st of Jul.
Hosts of bakeoffs I have attended, get first shot; numbers, 15-20.
This is not to spoil Jim’s, but to try and get one in before school finishes.
If this turns out to be a bad day, other options available.
Hopefully good weather, so burgers, sausages, chicken, on the BBQ; cold beer, brownies, etc.

Paul & Sam
Paul l
Paul f




How about hosts of bakeoffs you are planning to attend? Either way, yes please Greg.


Yes please!


Any chance of a few brownies by post?


Count me in Gregg please :+1:


Yes please


Get your feckin name down then - you managed the distance to Sodders’, Gregg’s isn’t much further :grinning:


I would love to, but June / July is a bit of a difficult time alas.




Yes please Gregg.


Yes please Gregg


Yes please Gregg


Drat that’s the date of the school summer fair. Since my wife is organising it, I have to go to it! Next time…


Yes please


Really interested if any spaces and also if your close to a train station.


Train station is about 25 minutes away. I will be rather busy, but if someone wants to collect you, it is just under an hour, round trip.


If you can get to Redbridge tube Paul, I can pick you up?


Thanks Gregg, looks like I have a lift of Jim which is very kind of him.:grin:

Jim, just dropped you a PM.


Honing your solo King Lear for the fringe?