Cambridgeshire bakeoff


Hopefully better than his 2011 interpretation of hamlet

Only could find one review from the telegraph:

“Should stick to plumbing,utter plop”



If there is space, I would love to attend.


There is a second system in the house, that has an integrated, with a MM phono stage, but no turntable.
If someone is keen on playing vinyl, in the house, feel free to bring a TT.
Not really interested in kit swapping, in the main system, so, just listening, in there. Vinyl catered for.
We currently have 16.


Hi Gregg

I have double-booked myself so will need to drop out. Sorry.


Looks like there is little to no chance if me getting cover at work Gregg so you may as well take me off the list :sob:


Had a couple of dropouts, so room for a few more.


Have PM’d everyone coming. If I missed anyone, please let me know.
Weather looks to be wet, for the day. Might need a brolly, to get back and forth, to the music room.


Brownies made, chocolate chip cookies made, lemon drizzle cake made, veggies burgers made, chicken marinating, patio cleaned, tables and chairs cleaned.
Raining now, but supposed to be dry in the morning, and for the day.
Pigs in a blanket, and biscuits, to go with coffee and tea, for the arriving travelers.
Barbecue chicken, local sausages, and American beef burgers, with all the trimmings, for mid day.
Spanish, Czech, and Italian lagers, local cider, and local real ale.
Bottled water, and juices.
Looking forward to a fun day.
Safe journeys.


Ffs. This looks out of this world.

Enjoy. Still open to being sent a brownie mind you.


Have a great day.


Fxt for you :joy:


You said it would be ‘our’ secret!


What’s everyone else having :money_mouth_face:


What ever we can eat, before Dean arrives.


Looking forward to it as had a challenging week at work and haven’t been to a bake off for a while.


Have a great day guys.


Safe journey everyone travelling today, hope you all have a good time. Pics of food are mandatory remember.


Have a great day. Really disappointed to miss this.


Just back in from an awful round … pics of food required as a perk-me-up.


Enjoy guys. Pics are compulsory :+1: