Choose/ find me a Volvo 😍


It is lovely but these are betterer


Ooh, DS Safari. Yes please. :heart_eyes:


yep, like the DS’s too


This works too …


So having driven myself snow blind looking at all manner of specs last night etc I’m off to have a drive tomorrow in a V40 D 4 R-design with the pan roof and β€˜premium’ sound system.


Bose? :grin:


Ha ha, no I don’t think so. It used to be Dynaudio but I think its Harmon Kardon now.


The stereos in Volvos are good. Even the entry-level ones.


I had a V70 several years ago, and agree regarding the stereo, beats the crap out of the ones I have had in Veedubs… And that was the standard one, not an upgraded option.


Given the entry level Volvo sound systems, and the competitive noise in cars I am not sure the upgraded sounds are worth it. I had a courtesy V40 R design for a week a couple of months back while they played with my 60. I would try a road test in a softer suspension trim as well if you can.


Pick up day today :slight_smile:


Should’ve bought a Merc. :joy:


Nice,will never forget the excitement of the day i picked up my Astra


Nah, I went to university, have 3 degrees and learned just enough to not fall for one positive user experience amongst 100,000 cars sold :nerd_face:


I know a leasing company which has a three year old BMW 320d on their books, white estate, only 136K miles :rofl:


God damn, the new XC60 looks lovely inside and out. Better proportions than the XC90.


I sat in one and it is nice, it even drives OK apparently. If I was getting my own car, I would get a second hand one.


The new look volvo front ends are ftw.
S90 is ace.


Yeah I would have had one of the new spec xc60’s but decided to let someone else take the depreciation for a bit.


There first sports car. 60 yo.