Choose/ find me a Volvo 😍


Or this. :heart_eyes:


Shame the front looks like a basking shark,rest of it is lovely.


So I like the V40 D4 R Design in burst blue, but wifey really doesn’t :tired_face:

Arrangements already in progress to return and exchange for an XC60…




66 plate XC60 R Design Lux now replaces the V40 and everything is tip top. Loving the geartronic semi auto and daughter liked the blacked out rear windows until I told her it was called Ugly Kid Glass :joy:.

About 52-58mpg from the 190bhp engine which is better than the Freelander with considerably smoother and quicker acceleration. All in all quite pleased with it, apart from the lack of brown of course.


Nice. My dad bought a 17 plate new one when I showed him the finance offers for the outgoing model. He was going to get a Discovery Sport but is well chuffed with the Volvo.


Still getting used to the bloody auto box = stamping on the brakes with the touch of a rapist and left hand involuntarily twitching towards the stick when slowing for junctions and islands :clown_face:


Nail your left foot to the floor and tie your left hand to the steering wheel.

That should do it, until you get used to it :wink: