Classifieds deleted


We make it up as we go along, in case you hadn’t noticed.

No, I had to pull them, in the interests of fairness to all. They’d been there for so long only because none of mods noticed them.


That’s a bit of a sad flounce. It makes me vaguely sorrowful and wistful; normally flounces bring out a maniacal cackle and make me look up all sorts of cool German words for contradictory emotions.

I think it’s go back to Old Kent Road, rather than Advance to Go, for you sir. Round the block again if you want to Go :blush:


We have a fucking ethos now? Where do I flounce?


To be fair it was a bit of a flounce but nothing personally directed toward you. Big stresses with the other business…

I’ll give myself a slap and crawl back under my rock.

As you were gentleman… Ignore me


The classifieds here are not much use anyway. There’s only a handful of people who actually like hifi and they own most it between them already.