Cricket, lovely cricket


Exciting times ahead :smiley:

Now let’s hope Cook can go on and break Sachin’s record


I’ve never understood the logic that a good batsman automatically makes a good captain.
What about leadership skills and decision making ability ?


Well, it remains to be seen whether he’ll be any good or not but I am more excited by the prospect than I was by Cook’s appointment. I really hope that he can show the same calm, steely aggression that he does when he is batting well. I’m hoping he will be less predictable with field placings and declarations!

These days, where anyone looking like a good international prospect is wrapped in cotton wool and only really plays for the national team, it is unlikely that any candidate is going to have any real experience of captaincy, either a batsman or a bowler. Learning on the job will be tough but hopefully the management will support him well.


Adequate bowling by O Keefe as Australia squeak home by 333 runs in the first test against India:


O’Keefe 35-6 in both first and second innings. :sunglasses:


Bodes well for the Ashes :pensive:




Nicked from facebook…

A Song for Steve the Smith, to The Beatles I get by with a little help from my friends.

What must I do should I use a review?
Time to stand up and signal to me
Tell what you’ve seen
On the replay machine
Am I out, am I in, can you see?
Oh and I CHEAT with a little help from my friends
Oh and I LIE with a little help from my friends…


Priest- Do you take her as your lawfully wedded wife?
Smith - *Looking at the dressing room for confirmation.


A proper captains innings from Joe Root today. Fabulous stuff.


In his pre-match interview Root looked like a boy leading men. Then he showed the men how it should be done. If Root can find some more confidence in himself and take the team with him, there’s the making of a decent England cricketing side.


Need to get rid of Cook he’s been shit for ages.


You are right, he is only averaging 66.7 in Div 1 this season…


I’d average that in county cricket with three hands tied behind my back.



Equals CP.


Is that the Yorkshire triangle?:stuck_out_tongue:


139-1 to 149-5 :scream:


Yeah, I was expecting a quiet day of run accumulation, leaving me free to concentrate on F1. :roll_eyes:


Trent bridge Friday and Saturday for me…

If anyone else is there?


Wish I was going, TB is a lovely ground.

Where do you sit?


I’ve sat everywhere.
I didn’t buy the tickets so I’m where ever they are for!

I like hound road upper but it’s fun moving round. It’s on my doorstep so I’ve enjoyed most of the ground and the nearby football stadiums too.

T20s are always a great night out.