Cricket, lovely cricket


Hope today puts the idea of 4 day tests in bin.


Test cricket needs attacking captains to survive in current format. Can’t beat a close test match.


A close finish indeed. Another surprisingly good performance from a team who are fast becoming a force, at home.


Unsurprisingly an unchanged squad for the decider

Last chance saloon for Westley


Should have picked Livingstone then Essex would have more chance of winning the championship.


If we had won at Headingly, I guess they may have experimented a bit.

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Shai Hope had played 11 tests averaging 18 before Headingley. Doubt if England would persevere that long.

Westley looks all over the shop though TBF.


Yeah, but WI don’t exactly have a lot of talent to choose from though.


We need to include a couple of the one day side, let Hales play his natural game.

What happened to Mark Wood, thought he would be a stand out player this year


Injury that he’s not really over yet. He’ll be back though, too good not to be.


Ben Stokes, unplayable in this form.

Bowled 14.3 overs - unchanged - and took 6 for 22. Breathtaking!


Stokes is one of our best batters aswell. If we could find a couple of batsmen we would be the best in the world at the minute


He’s also our best fielder!

The stand out all-rounder in the game at the moment


500 wickets for “Average”(© Rocky) bowler, Jimmy Anderson.


Congratulations to JA. Magnificent achievement! That’s some exclusive club he’s joined now.

Just think if he wasn’t just a “good bowler in favourable conditions” he might have been one of the greats! :roll_eyes:


“Only good in the wet” :joy: