Good to see you here Dan :+1:

I think Paul @paul2718 is doing it - he mentioned he was doing both the ToA and the ToC. At least you’ll have better weather for the ToC - it was a tad windy for the ToA !


Hi Dan. You are very nice.

No. Having a cycle around a bit of Kent instead.


Even when it’s not windy it’s windy across Cambs!

Well, best of luck to any others riding.


Are you doing the Chrono and Gran Fondo ? Good luck and enjoy should be a great weekend the ToA was very well organised :+1:


Fondo on Sunday, hope the showers stay away or it could be carnage.


I’m doing both. Weather looks OK. I think the sheer numbers might lead to carnage.

I’m hopeless at TT, but the event is just so nice.



Good luck guys should be a great weekend :+1:


Which start are you riding from on Sunday Paul?

Best of luck for both.


Race M55-59.

Only 250 or so at once, nice small bunch.



I’ll be a couple of pens before you, think there’s closer to 500 in ours. Pete the guy I’m taking up is riding your race, give him a shout as you go past, Amersham shirt, blue, white and a bit of red. Half a dozen or so of our lot in various pens, say hello if you spot us beforehand.


Certainly will. We’ll be in ‘Baines Racing’ jerseys, very black with a very yellow vertical stripe.

One of our number won the Tour of Ayrshire TT outright, and another who is not riding this weekend won his (and my…) age categories in the GF. Another planet for me.



Something to live up to! Will keep an eye out for you guys

Had hoped to be riding at the sharp end but not managed enough riding this year, will hang in as long as poss and use it as a training ride this time.


Hope you had a decent ride Paul.

Ride standard seemed to me much worse than last year. Much bigger group and a good deal of riders who’d clearly bought a licence so they could ride without a clue as to how to ride in a group.

Big smash in front of me only 5 miles in put paid to the event as a race, pootled around in the group that was left.


I got caught in a pointless crash at about 15 miles. By the time I’d straightened the bars and got back on it was all a bit late. Easy but dicey up till then. Then extreme cramps out in the Fens, which is not something I’m used to.

All a bit disappointing in the end. Never mind.



Wish 24 mph was my pootling pace :wink:

Well done guys and glad no injuries, shame crashes affected your events


I had a lovely cycle around a bit of Kent. No crashes. Had some ice cream.


Me OTOH cycled around Surrey Hills, no crashes either - resisted cake stop at Box Hill too (very smug) … well behind on RideLondon training though :disappointed:


Sorry to hear that Paul, hope you’re not too banged up.

Good deal easier to ride at 24s in a big group than 20s by yourself, downside being you need to keep your wits about and trust to luck a bit. Would normally mitigate that by riding toward the front but not so good form this year so hung back. Just before the crash was thinking it’ll be nice watch the race unfold from behind. Bad idea!

Good to hear the rest of you stayed upright over the weekend.

Bolts, good luck with the RL training


Cheers Defride

Just got my RL start time, 630 am - nice and early so hopefully done by lunchtime then back to Kingston for street party/copious amounts of alcohol and to watch the pros go past end of my road: one of the best days of the year for me.

Slight fly in the ointment is I’ve spent last week sunning myself in Greece so I’m behind on training…a month and a bit to go, so will try and ride out every day if possible, should be interesting.

Three laps of Richmond Park this morning, averaged 17mph, not too bad as it was windy but aiming to get that up to 18/19 ahead of the ride.

Anyone else on here doing it this year?


I am not off til 9. :frowning: