Export as gpx, convert to GPS track using, then upload as activity to Garmin connect then make a course from it. It’s a long winded pain but it works


I just export the gpx cut it from the download folder and paste it in the new files folder on the Garmin.

It sometimes pops up with an odd name but it’s never failed to load as a route on my 800.

Hopefully get a chance to tap you for some routes up there one of these days Allan


Cheers guys :+1: I eventually just re-done the route so hopefully give it a whirl tomorrow.

No problem Dan just give me a shout you’ve got plenty to choose from - you could always give Neil’s 190 mile monster a go :grin:


Ha. Actually, after the first 90 miles or so it wasn’t even that great a route :stuck_out_tongue: (and 40 of those first 90 were in wind rain and fog for me)

The route I took up I would highly recommend though.

I have a great 80 mile route with >6000 feet of climbing starting from Edinburgh

I want to eat the world


New route today and lot’s of hills Garmin showed it at just over 5,000 ft of climbing but I think it was more than - my legs tell the tale :frowning_face:

Whitelee Wind Farm - striking sight at 7am



Flashbacks :stuck_out_tongue:

I cycled the Eaglesham road in the opposite direction on the way back from Ardrossan, after getting lost in Whitelee

Apparently the visitor centre is run by Glasgow Science Centre. It was a strangely impressive place, especially lost in the baking sun and running out of water, with the blades whirring above my head and casting shadows :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m almost certainly not recovered enough from Saturday but it’s too bloody nice not to go for a ride after work this evening :frowning: Might just have a gentle flat one along the coast and go get an ice cream on the beach :smiley:


I did have a laugh at the top of the Moor remembering you’re excursion. It is some sight as you say strangely impressive - it was much too early for a detour to the visitor centre but one for the future especially the café :+1:

I uploaded a Ride with GPS file for today and it only added about 200 ft to the total - I must admit it felt like a lot more as I was fairly done in when I got home. Good route tho’ very quiet roads which is excellent.


Neil, did your legs resemble this after your epic ride? :wink:


Registered for RL yesterday - thought it was busier than last year. Weather doesn’t look great for my early start time but it is what it is I guess. Good luck to those on here doing the ride :+1:


Best of luck Ben :+1:


Got there pretty early and it was very quiet, guy on the desk handing out was very keen of a chat. Managed to get in and out pretty quickly.

Fingers crossed on the weather, forecasts have been really poor the past couple of weeks so who knows. Could be pretty nasty standing around for an hour in the wet, on the upside it’s due to clear pretty quickly.

Best of luck Ben and to the others riding, keep safe!


Gonna pop down in the morning. Will have a very quick walk around the show.

Weather looks sort of alright for me. Don’t start 'til 9.


Cheers Wayne - mainly looking forward to a beer after as haven’t drunk for 5 weeks :wink:


Good luck too Dan - actually forecast is looking slightly better now with only 25% of rain early on, lucky as I just found out I’m off at 6am - hope the wind drops though - right now a gale force headwind blowing in London which would make it a grind. Should be a nice sunny finish though :grinning:

Ps if anyone’s interested whole bunch of stats here on RL

Like the one about riders who start late and overtake over 10,000 other riders.


Good luck guys - hope it’s a great day and ride safe - pics if possible please :+1:


You’ll have no shortage of bodies in front to take the wind, it’ll be the easiest headwind you’ve ever ridden on the way out unless you decide to sit on the front which is a very bad idea should you be looking for a quick time!! Save it for the tail wind home.

Thanks, interesting link. Doesn’t reflect what’s going on in the front fast groups which are ridden as a race and are more TdF than sportive. Some good advice all the same, in particular don’t waste energy if you’re shelled from a group, recover and wait for the next as they’ll catch you anyway and get to the front of the group for hills and pinch points.


Think I’m going to watch this.



I hope that is a giant chocolate medal…


Brilliant - well done Mark. It’s a great feeling :+1: