Looks bloody great that; looking into it :wink:


He is mental; that’s established fact :wink:


I wonder if I can swing a weekend away when the baby’s ~4 months :stuck_out_tongue:

(And if I can maintain enough fitness to survive that)


Aye right very good - considering the amount of climbing you’ve been doing of late I would think this is a mere trifle :grinning:


Does look good Ben - could turn out to be an AA cycling bakeoff :+1:


I looked into routes for cycling down


Just what I was thinking…:wink:


You could bring the wean with you


Cycleoff I should’ve said of course


That would be brilliant :+1:

I’ll need to actually help with the baby this time round if I want to bank sufficient brownie points to get a weekend away when it’s 4 months old :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:



Dan just having a look at the elevation issue - I forgot the Garmin 200 doesn’t use barometric readings so I guess there’s a few issues at play. Elevation drift over the length of ride and bad weather are definitely an factor.

I found this post on mtbr regarding this issue -

Yeah, I’m suspect of the elevation corrections of both sites.

"Here’s the recent 30mi ride I was talking about:

Running that same file through Topofusion’s Climbing Analysis yields the following table:
TopoFusion: 2430 ft
Straight GPS: 2463 ft
Straight DEM: 3205 ft
Maptech: 1004 ft
TopoUSA: 3360 ft
Training Center: 1577 ft
Custom Algorithm: 2430 ft "

I ran my GPX file through the same software and got the following results

TopoFusion: 6527 ft
Straight GPS: 9450 ft
Straight DEM: 20052 ft
Maptech: 11913 ft
TopoUSA: 22582 ft
Strava/Garmin: 6536 ft
Custom Algorithm: 6536 ft

So I guess the lesson here is don’t get hung up on elevation data. One good thing is that Topofusion software is quite nifty.


I’d go with the TopoUSA value :wink: :+1:

Good speed for that amount of climbing. Not great, but pretty good :wink:


Most of that is in the first 70 miles and certainly felt like it - I was knackered by the time I got to Killin but recovered and felt surprisingly ok at the end and we made up time in the second 70 mile.

I feel like a burst couch today however as I think I’ve got some sort of bug - and it’s my weekend in work - smashin’


I like the look of TopoUSA! Could knock of that Everest quick smart

Like you say nothing to get hung up on, it’s only ever a guide. My Garmin falls to bit on elevation at the slightest rain. I find the Strava correction helpful when the uploaded data says 100m not the 1000m it should read.

Good to see you got it sorted.

On the bright side you can recover at work ready for some more miles next week (:


Had to bail from work as I feel bloody awful - didn’t have the energy to cycle home and felt a bit light headed as well so rather than risk a spill in rush hour traffic I opted for the train home. :nauseated_face:


Get well soon Allan, frustrating when one minute you feel like a god, indefatigable, the next dragged down by an invisible microbe.


Yup. My plans for a final 100 miler of the year have been ruined by the first proper cold in a good while

I’ve not done a whole lot of riding this week because i was taking it easy ahead of the big one

I did however ride with pro cyclists on a corporate jolly, and manage to change tyres without tyre levers (which always mystified me…the wonder of youtube sorted that though!)- so two cycling achievements ticked off this week :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s flu. All the signs point to it.

For the first time ever last week I perfectly indexed my gears, from scratch. Also thanks to You Tube.


@spacehopper fancy this one? I like the fact it’s associated with a beer festival :stuck_out_tongue:


That looks good - would need to be an overnighter tho’ as it’s a long drive for my mate before and after and we could avail ourselves of the ales too. :+1: