I think it would be a one night stand. We’ll see.



Fell off the mountain bike this morning, monumentally painful at the time and I now can hardly walk, just lying in bed in f***ing agony popping nurofen, but actually wondering how I could get hold of some morphine :tired_face:


Unlucky Ben.

It’s not like falling off your BMX when you’re a kid is it :confounded:


Bet it’s not as bad as landing bollocks first on the gear lever of your Raleigh Chopper…


Absolutely Wayne, came down like a sack of potatoes - back in the day I used to bounce…


Hope you’re back in the saddle soon mate :thumbsup:


Did you get checked out by the doc or hospital Ben - might be worth a visit to A&E if there no improvement over the next day or two.

I’m speaking from experience here had a bad crash on my mtb and limped home after it - turned out I had two fractured elbows and a concussion and should have went straight to A&E :neutral_face:

Not that I’m trying to make you feel worse - hope you get better soon. :thumbsup:


I’m going in tomorrow morning -wife and mother have made it clear I have no choice in the matter. Eminently sensible of course plus I might get some good drugs.


Thanks - wife offered me rampant sex tonight. Very amusing.


Ha ha! She was taking the piss because she knew there was no way you could deliver. Claire plays similar games.


I know most of you arses don’t give a fuck but I set myself a target of tryIng to break 6,000 miles on the bike this year.

Not really believing I’d achieve it - I was surprised to find out I had passed 6,200 miles this week.

So in celebration and also as an I miss Sodders


Well done :thumbsup: I actually remembered your target and noticed this on Strava.

20000 km next year?


Nah I think the 10,000 km mark is quite enough :slightly_smiling_face:


Well done great effort - think I was 1500 miles, dropped off at the end of the year and now injured so not back on for a month or so I reckon.


Worth taking a compass…


Just got my acceptance form for RideLondon. Best get back on the bike.


You been getting out much?


Fuck me - I thought this thread had a puncture…


Not at all since before Chistmas.Not had much time and tend to not bother if it is frosty. Got a broken big toe so will have to see if I can get shoe on and it isn’t painfull. Much moe hill practice needed, and some weight loss.


How did you break your toe?