Hope he stretches this far. :slight_smile:


Performances too good to be true. Or documented?


It’s pathetic. They have failed to answer many of the questions put to them about the mystery package and in doing so are destroying what’s left of their credibility.

The key for me is this quote from the article-

What will require a more rapid response is the assertion by Sapstead that records show British Cycling’s medical store held a significant amount of triamcinolone, with suggestions it was being used by more than one rider.

Widespread cheating or is British cycling riddled with riders suffering from asthma/ allergies who also need intramuscular injections of banned performance enhancing drug triamcinolone before and during major competition?

I still maintain that in part the anti doping agencies and governing bodies have brought this on themselves by sanctioning TUEs which open the door to cynical abuse by atheletes and coaches seeking an unfair competitive advantage whilst hiding behind common medical conditions.

#84 Electric!


Edinburgh after the 20 m.p.h. speed limit. Quieter.


Rather than wallow, cycling in all that sun and soft breezy spring warmth yesterday I elected to do a ‘tout seul’ 40 miler round the Surrey Hills this morning - bring on three hours of gale force headwinds and torrential rain. Despite throwing all my top rated rain gear on I was soaked through in first 30 mins. Feet and hands numb with cold for the whole ride.

To top it all, on the way back some cunt in a Discovery winds his window down and calmly tells me to “get off the fucking road” while issuing ‘wanker’ sign - lovely. Looked like a crim actually, so I guess they’re not into cycling then. I wished I could have fitted a small pistol in my jersey to enable issuance of summary justice.

Apart from all that it was great :slight_smile: and at times I even felt my fitness returning - will sleep well tonight and roll on Wiggle ride next Sat!


Typical Discovery driver then Ben?! :grin:


Pah - who wants to enjoy their bike ride when its sunny, dry, warm and not into a gale force 5 headwind. :grinning:


Yeah exactly wanna buy one?


Nah not cunty enough :smile:


That photo bears an uncannily resemblance to several parts of my ride this morning. Kelly’s words are spot on.


You’d expect to be slower on a singlespeed over variable terrain, given that you will be inefficient a lot of the time? Providing you’re genuinely putting in the same effort and using your gears optimally.

I suspect this kind of question is the bike forum equivalent of asking about mains cables :wink:


Aren’t gears classed as cheating? Fucking should be.


Always good to see a fundamentalist ride in. :slight_smile:

Fixies for the shush!


This is quite an interview


Ex, still an excellent friend, was in I/C and hospital for two weeks shortly after marriage.

Two days on corticosteroids -
Running longer routes than previous.
Life-threatening to PB’s.

For those who haven’t seen these drugs in action.

Outside the TDF obviously


Wait until they get deep into Team GB and start having to hand back Olympic Golds by the ton…


I do hope the Inquiry doesn’t soft soap their findings but it’s another nail in the coffin for the pro peleton tbh.

It appears that nothing much has changed post-Armstrong - very depressing really as I love to watch the racing :weary:



Do you have any thoughts on what was in the package delivered to Wiggins in 2011?

My own thought it was Kenacort. Triamcinolone. That is what is what it is for me, that would be my hunch.

If so, that would have been prior to him getting a TUE for it.


Yes thats what I think too. cheat. Only a matter of time before this whole house of cards comes tumbling down.

Look back at his team mates reaction to him during the last Olympics. They know.


The thing I find strange is the continued Omerta alluded to in the article.

I can understand it from the view point of top riders who are making the big money like Wiggins but the vast majority of ordinary domestiques don’t make that much in comparison so what is motivating them to keep silent - some sort of misplaced loyalty ? If so, considering it is such a hard hard way to make a living why ?

It will be interesting to see how Sky respond as a sponsor - my guess would be the same as Festina who said their sales went through the roof when the Festina team got caught doping.

Still makes me spew when I see Virenque as a brand ambassador for Festina - maybe therein lies part of the problem most people just don’t give enough of a fuck about doping.