hemorrhoid cream…


I put my Boardman hybrid into my lbs last week. An annoying cracking noise from the front end that was in time with me pedalling had developed, and I feared a knackered bottom bracket.

They had it apart, bracket was fine, went through the rest of the bike from front to back but couldn’t find a problem. Then they test tode it and couldn’t find a noise. I pointed out that I was a bit more, erm, generously built that the mechanics, so they asked me to take it for a whizz around the car park… Cracking noise back. Mechanic has a brainwave, whips the seatpost out, smears a bit of grease around it, et voila, noise gone.

They’d probably spent a good hour on it, so I expected to pay around £30-40 for their time but they wouldn’t charge me anything, so I bought some chain lube and a drinks bottle.

Then was chatting to the boss, whilst drooling over the Bianchis, he mentions they’re expanding and recruiting and I mention I’ve got customer service and finance and management experience and he asks me to drop my cv in…

Sooo…, I’m typing it up over the weekend…


Nice one :+1:



Cycling home from work yesterday really hammered home just how efficient cycling is as a mode of transport. I was on a shared pedestrian/ cycle path frequented by runners (the meadows @B2T). There was a park run or something on. Lots of pretty fit looking people (fitter than me) going all out, huffing and sweating. I was passing them, going into a headwind and heart rate not even breaking 100bpm.


Interesting - the amount of data available real time is incredible and will only get better. The winner of the Milan San Remo, whose name I can’t be bothered to spell was apparently cranking out 550W of power for over 5 minutes on the last climb. That is both incredible and chastening - I can average about 350W, but in a 20 sec sprint. The lactic acid would kill me anything over a minute.


Piece of piss with the right drugs.


Kwiatkowski is in Team Sky. He has the best drugs.


Not a problem if you have allergies or asthma :thumbsup:


Come to think of it he looked a bit wheezy at the finish


He’s probably drug free then!



Has he suddenly ‘remembered’ what was in the package then? Funny that no one else seemed to be able to recall when asked, and there were no proper records. Wiggins talks of integrity but doesn’t seem to realise that he has no credibility except to his one eyed fan boys.


I reckon he’s going to say it was a shitload of weed…


Had a lovely little cycle in the sun on the C40. Second half was mostly slightly uphill into a headwind. Was blowing a bit.
But it was jolly fun.


a dog turd and half a dead mouse

That’d shock a few people


lord lucans mummified head


the holy grail


I can help with the dead mouse bit. He only lives 10 mins up the road…