Devialet phantom


is that the Sky one, that Devialet are making? Huge discounts for Sky Customers I believe


Will the sky thing be as overpriced and fugly as the phantoms?

I’d go for the Sonos, decent looking and not made by Devialet.


looks like a normal soundbar

“The speaker, which will go on sale for £799 to non-Sky subscribers, costs just £249 for current and new Sky Q multiscreen customers, and £299 for all other Sky TV or Sky Broadband and Talk customers when it becomes available,”


I just got a small pair of active speakers from Richer sounds. They do the job very well and much better than the soundbars I tried.


Can’t you just turn the other system up loud so you can hear it?


I bought a Panasonic TV so don’t need a sound bar.


Just get a Kef 200 reference centre speaker and a small intergrated amp with tone controls, same damn thing.


Get a Sony A1-series Bravia 4K OLED TV.

New TV, (possibly) bigger screen, better picture, and sound through the screen so no speakers required.

Probably more expensive than the Devialets, to be fair…


My interest in the Phantoms died when I learnt they can’t be fixed. If they get past the warranty you’re on your own. Consider how much electronics are crammed into that hostile environment…


Hiya Rick - good to see you back! :smiley:


Hi Jim, thanks :slight_smile: Hope you’re well!


That is rather surprising, unless they offer long warranties and exceptional trade in for the newer model.


Yeah, I hadn’t considered that as a problem until someone else pointed it out.


If they can’t be bothered to fix the Phantoms due to all the tech crammed in, are they going to be bothered/able to fix the hifi models they make?


I would suspect the bathroom scales are the same. Will be interesting once the warranty runs out.


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The other amps are easily repairable and both hardware and software updatable. Mine are in France having a (free) hardware update at the moment.
OTOH I didn’t know they didn’t repair Phantoms, mine are well out of warranty.
I have heard stories about them not being able to open them once sealed - which may be true, we had that problem with our first carbon F1 chassis mould, but the engineer I met who works there told me the sequence to strip one is not obvious.
They have to be sealed so the DSP bass works as deep as it does from a small cabinet.


They aren’t that bad to open if you have the tools and technique. All you need is a high building and a hard pavement.


or the Phantom cracker over in the tools thread