Diet and Fitness


Yeah after 14 I was trying to quickly do two at a time before taking massive breaths just to get them over with.


Just came in from a repeat of yesterday’s workout.

Was a bit harder but not too bad.

I’m going to do upper body through the week as I often can’t be arsed with squats after work.

Time to EAT!


Stiff-legged shrug bar deadlifts today.

Feeling good. Upper body from Monday.


Various presses, some extensions and bench dips yesterday. Will do some pulling movements either today or tomorrow.

I had more of a struggle getting myself into the loft the other week, want to improve this.

My upper body is so weak, feels like it’s going to take ages to progress. I must focus on it though.


More squats today then some bent over rows and finished with bro curls and dumbbell curls :grin:

Trying to squeeze done upper body stuff in like this when I can.