Diet and Fitness


Totally the opposite for me! haha


This is part of the problem I have for strength training - It would be easiest to fit in if I did it when I got up, but it just doesn’t work for me.


Combining running and cycling has confirmed my suspicion that working on all-round fitness is more time-effective for my cycling fitness than just cycling lots. I strongly suspect that working on all-round strength/conditioning will make a significant impact as well. Just need to force myself to actually do something regularly… and create a long lasting habit


This is the same problem I’m having. I know I should get on it, and occasionally I’m managing to boot myself into it, but mainly since this weather kicked in, my motivation levels for strength training have plummeted. Managing to get out and run a bit, at least.


I went to the gym this morning.
Christ it was hard work dead lifting. Been home for the best part of an hour and still haven’t fully stopped sweating.


It is difficult in this heat. I’m just not used to it. Did lower body on Friday and had to sit in the garden to cool off afterwards.