Diet and Fitness


Sorry to hear that mate - RICE and Nurofen to reduce the inflammation. If you go to a gym you could try a Stairmaster before going back out on the streets - less impact. Keep us posted :wink:


Good effort that - slight parallel for me out cycling with my 22 year old son today, trying and failing to keep up with him on the hills in Surrey - half a stone less weight would make a difference methinks…


Hehe he was telling me about the point where his dad and him were no longer able to race each other :stuck_out_tongue:

I just taught my son to ride at the weekend so plenty time for me yet I hope

I wouldn’t have seen him for dust if he’d been putting any effort in I reckon


Cheers Ben.

Feeling better this evening. Managed a bit of gentle stretching and some upper body weights.


I am resisting the half pizza left over from the kids tea…


Haven’t trained since last Friday. Worked up to a top weight of 110kg for 5 reps on squats. Really pleased with this. My initial goal was 100kg and now I’m going to work towards squatting double bodyweight (will have to check what this is first but that’s the goal now).


Marvel at my herculean will. Leftover pizza in the bin and eating a healthy tea (including tofu, of course)

Far tastier. Korean stew with tofu, egg and prawns- lots of veg. Everything weighed even the oil. Lots of protein.


I was on the singlespeed too, so my legs were spinning like fuck. Possibly upped the heartrate at the speed compared with a better gear.


Weighing stuff is such a pain. I can’t be arsed with that, well done.


Yeah it is, but I want to see if I can drop BF substantially in the next month or so. If I lose a bit of muscle/strength I’ll build back up, but I didn’t last year.

I have the lofty, semi-serious goal of having a six pack for the first time in my life, in my thirties :stuck_out_tongue:

Seem to be over whatever slump I was in and back to 3x12 push ups. Going to try and progress. Have kept up the flexibility work so far


I wore my heart rate monitor for the walk into work this morning, out of curiosity. I plugged the average time and heart rate for each of the 5 miles into this calculator

Seems pretty decent according to this?


Impressive - I tried to blame my gears, which to be fair I had a slight problem with but he would have beaten me anyway. I tried a couple of comedy ‘pro’ breakaways on the hills but he instantly closed the gap and left me for dust. He’s off to New Zealand for 6 months next week so I’m going to train like fuck and surprise him when he gets back :grin:


Interestingly, plugging the numbers from a walk in January where I used the HR monitor shows a modest increase in VO2 max of ~52 to ~55. Same route and effort


Knee now walkable on. Back to how it was before the disastrous jog the other evening- basically sore by the medial ligament so am going to leave anything high impact well alone for a week or more and then see if it can stand a brisk walk to very light jog.


6 chin ups and 3x1 push ups so still making progress


Interesting. I actually added everything up on my fitness pal for once. Almost exactly 1.5g/kg protein and ~1900 calories.


Seems extreme, my fitbit just buzzes to get me moving :smile:


Not to tempt fate but knee feels a whole lot better today. Almost all the soreness to the touch on the inside of the knee has gone and mobility is there.

I’ll not be doing anything like a fast walk or jog for at least another week though.


Must be a relief.


Just anxious not to set it off again and lose more time.

I’ve actually missed the running :grimacing: