Diet and Fitness


Or maybe my respiratory system is extremely strong…

…shame my farmers aren’t quite so robust :worried:


Prolonged intense endurance exercise certainly suppresses the immune system. For me, getting better at long-distance cycling sometimes feels like walking a bit of a tightrope…but maybe I’m trying to do too much, too quickly. I’m certainly being much more patient than last year; I did more than 200 miles in a week for the first time all year last week whereas last year I was doing that regularly in February/March and was burned out by April. At the moment if I feel a cold coming on, I seem to shake it off in a day or so before it amounts to much. I have young kids so guaranteed to get exposed to bugs …often :rage:

Managed 14, 14 and 15 push ups today (I was going for 3x 14 but felt like I could go for an extra one on the last set). Seem to still be progressing despite restricting calories (another risk factor for the illness/fitness tightrope I fear :stuck_out_tongue:)

@crimsondonkey safe to think that push up progress means I’m not overly restricting calories and going catabolic?


Looks like good progress to me.



Fuck me, that’s exactly how many stone I’ve put on between 93 and 2011 :laughing:


Is Obese a BMI of over 30?


Think so, yeah


BMI = blunt tool imo.


I read an interesting article recently that argued on the whole it’s actually pretty useful for most people and often the arguments around it not being applicable to an individual don’t hold up to scrutiny.

I.e. the situations in which it’s not a good indicator of risk are outliers so your probability of being an outlier is low, and chances are you’re just making excuses :stuck_out_tongue:


This looks like a good snack!


Good - I am no longer in that group


Great site - cheers for sharing.


If you have above average muscle mass BMI will label you obese, therefore it’s pretty crap.

However I will accept that most people who it labels obese do not possess above average muscle mass :slightly_smiling_face:


First run in weeks :slightly_smiling_face:. Struggling with manflu but knee appears okay.


I have the Hunger. Calorie restriction not happening this week…


Well no knee flare up today which I was dreading. If I feel better I might run tomorrow and swim on Sunday.


I have two current gripes. A sore hip (the resurfaced one) aggravated by a friend’s energetic dog last week. The morning rowing isn’t hurting it but walking is so I can’t take walks at the moment as it makes the pain worse. I also have an issue with my forearm made worse by chins/pull ups but again not much by rowing or swimming. I guess the answer for both is rest but I particularly miss the walks.


Sadly one of the downsides of being 60


Perhaps we should rename Diet & Fitness to Aches & Pains!

Forearm pain on chins is a bitch. I’ve still got a little bit of golfers elbow (what an insult!) which is next to the elbow but underneath. The physio is wrist rotations and wrist curls. You can also try Voodoo Floss -


You’ll get it yourself in 20 years or so. :grinning: